Penn State’s wild fake punt formation vs. Arkansas fails in epic fashion

Paul Harvey | 3 hours ago

Penn State led a 10-7 half-time lead against Arkansas in the Outback Bowl. While the defense played well and the offense brought out some great plays, the Nittany Lions special teams unity left something to be desired.

To open the game, Penn State tried a 50-yard basket to score points on the scoreboard. It was no good, to say the least, with the stock sailing very wide in disastrous fashion.

With the half closing in, Penn State also called a mock punt game on 4th-and-13th. It was an ambitious decision from the start and never had much of a chance for success.

The wild lineup had a couple of players running deep, one player on the flat and not much else. Jordan Stout was simply forced out of a real desperate uplift, but no one has been able to track him down.

Thankfully, an interception just before half-time ensured Arkansas did not benefit from a solid position on the pitch.

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