Out of Touch – Staff Message of the Day

No one ever said corporate media was smart, but a new report could reinforce the fact that they are completely out of touch with the American public.

According to The Hill, CBS News is looking to improve their position as host of the evening news and their solution for Norah O’Donnell’s replacement was none other than Brian Williams. Yes, that Brian Williams who recently left NBC News.

Rumor has it that he passed the concert.

During a time when confidence in the press is at an all-time low, CBS News was supposed to hand the reins of its “straight” news flagship to a man who was demoted by NBC News for presenting fiction as reality.

Williams then spent 6 years hosting a show on partisan MSNBC.

The way CBS News didn’t see it as a bad move shows us that they no longer care about credibility or doing it right. This is why the evening news is irrelevant.

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