O’Reilly Tells Dan Abrams How ‘The Factor’ Would Fare Today On Cable News, Talks History Tour & More

Bill appeared on NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live for an extensive conversation about the Trump / O’Reilly History Tour, cable news, the Capitol riots, and more.

On the subject of his legacy and whether or not “The O’Reilly Factor” might exist in today’s cable news environment, Bill was blunt.

“Look, there will never be another cable news host who is number one for 16 straight years. It’s a different world now. Everything is fractured now.”

Bill said his groundbreaking show would be a hit if he restarted it today.

“If it went back to any network and reset”The O’Reilly factor ‘ where we got people to argue from all sides and presented the evidence in the best possible way supported by the facts, that show would have skyrocketed. “

Your humble correspondent accepted the skewed coverage that curtailed the History Tour and teased next weekend’s Texas shows by saying he would pressure President Trump over his reaction to the uprisings on the Capitol.


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