Oregon loses another game in buzzer-beater fashion

The Oregon men’s basketball program was dragged into double digits in the second half and was struggling on the offensive end of the court, and saw their defense start losing. Under 12 with ten minutes left in the game, the Ducks blocked the defense, found their attack and threw themselves in front of the Cardinal with a run of 16-7 to take the lead with 2:36 remaining. From there the Ducks lost their lead, drew the game in the last minute, and then suffered another defeat for the second straight week.

With the game tied at 69-69 and the ball 13 seconds, Will Richardson attempted a triple with seven seconds left and missed. Stanford caught the rebound, called a timeout with four seconds remaining and then called a timeout. After the timeout, Stanford striker Jaiden Delaire scored a triple at the sound of the siren, the Ducks lost 72-69.

“We wanted him to clear out a bit. We went a little earlier than we wanted,” said Oregon head coach Dana Altman. “We gave ourselves the possibility of an offensive rebound. I think there was a difference of three seconds.”

The Oregon defense did not properly defend Stanford’s incoming play and opened the door for the buzzer-beater.

“We had to change everything. We were a bit behind on the change,” Altman said.

The Ducks now drop to 5-5 throughout the year and are 0-2 in the Pac-12 game.

Quincy Guerrier, Oregon’s junior forward, scored 18 points and nine rebounds for the Ducks in 23 minutes. He made 5 of 9 shots from the field, including both of his three-point attempts. Will Richardson added 15 points, two rebounds and an assist. Rivaldo Soares had 10 points.

Delaire led Stanford with 20 points at 9/14 shooting.

Stanford scored 19 points on a second chance and won the rebound battle 36-30. The Ducks shot 41% from the field and Stanford did 44% of their bullshit. Both teams have achieved 70% of their free throws.

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