One Year Anniversary Of The Capitol Riot, COVID Hospitalizations Descend Fifty Percent, and Airline Industry Crippled With Cancelations – No Spin News Video

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Hey Premium and Concierge Members, welcome to No Spin News on Thursday 6th January 2022. Defend your country.

Tonight’s Report:

  • Bill analyzes Joe Biden’s January 6this Anniversary speech
  • Despite not giving a press conference, Donald Trump still releases his statement and criticizes the “political theater” used by Democrats to further distract from their embarrassing policies.
  • COVID cases may be on the rise but hospitalizations have fallen by 50% from record highs reached in 2021
  • The airline industry is struggling to recover after nearly 20,000 flights were canceled due to staff shortages
  • This day in history, 2021: Capitol Riot
  • Final consideration: everyone is tired and turns away from politics

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