Olivia Jade Giannulli on ‘Misconception’ About High School Grades

Olivia Giada Gianulli. Sara Jaye Weiss / Shutterstock

More to the story. years later Lori Loughlin And Mossimo Gianulli were arrested following their participation in the national college admissions scandal, Olivia Jade Gianulli is opening up to the biggest questions about her education and work ethic.

“There’s a big misconception about me, at least I feel it personally, when I get that comment of ‘You don’t work hard.’ I didn’t have to start my YouTube when I was 14, I worked a lot, “explained Olivia Jade, 22, during the January 3 episode of her podcast” Conversations With Olivia Jade. ” on my grades: ‘He clearly didn’t work hard. He must have failed school.’

The dancing with the Stars alum further discussed his privilege while chatting podcast with Dr. Hillary Goldsher.

“I am super aware that I have been given opportunities thanks to my parents and I know I live a very blessed, fortunate and privileged life,” added the YouTuber. “But then there’s also a part of me that feels… it’s difficult. It’s hard to talk about because I know it’s easy for the average human being. “

Olivia Jade also revealed that she began attending therapy after the scandal first made headlines nearly three years ago.

“I started [therapy] a few years ago when things got bad in my family and with the college scandal, “he said.” I just needed someone to talk to. … When I started, I wanted it to be okay and everything healed and all of that it worked overnight or in the span of a week, and I feel like it’s been years, and I’m still dealing with things and I still have so many questions. “

The Sold out alum, 57, and the stylist, 58, were indicted in March 2019 after being charged with paying more than $ 500,000 to protect their daughters’ – Olivia Jade and Beautiful Giannulli – admission to the University of Southern California. After pleading guilty to the charges, the couple served two and five months in prison, respectively.

“While I was also negatively dragged, it didn’t nearly affect me as much as seeing mom have all of this thrown at her,” said Olivia Jade during her first joint scandal interview with Bella, 23, during a November 2021. episode of his iHeartRadio podcast. “He really took this whole thing on his back, exclusively. There are a lot of people who were in this case, and a lot of other parents, and I don’t know another person’s name. I think it’s interesting that when I was reading about myself … it didn’t strike me the same way if I was reading about our mother. “

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