Oktay Kaynarca designed by Kiğılı: New page in Turkish fashion industry

Turkey’s leading menswear brand, Kiğılı, in partnership with famed Turkish actor Oktay Kaynarca, has launched a new menswear brand, with the aim of introducing a breath of fresh air to the men’s fashion world.

The “Oktay Kaynarca designed by Kiğılı” brand aims to reinvent menswear trends from scratch with around 3,500 new clothing items.

Kiğılı entered the Turkish fashion market 83 years ago and is one of the pioneers of men’s fashion in the country. In its collaboration with Oktay Kaynarca, the brand aims to embroider the power it takes from classic lines into the latest fashion trends. By integrating Kiğılı’s approach to innovation with Oktay Kaynarca’s determination, the brand will redefine quality in men’s fashion.

Oktay Kaynarca. (Courtesy of Kiğılı)

“Oktay Kaynarca is one of Turkey’s most popular actors and has played the lead role in TV series and films for over 30 years. In addition to this, he is a person who is always loved and respected, who always thinks about what he is wearing and where he is going. We have decided to launch the ‘Kiğılı X Oktay Kaynarca’ collection as part of our partnership with Kaynarca, which has been carrying Kiğılı products in the best way since 2019. Previous collections have met with great interest and demand from our customers since the very first. day, so instead of continuing with a line in Kiğılı, we decided to launch the Oktay Kaynarca brand designed by the Kiğılı brand, “said Hilal Suerdem, CEO of Kiğılı.

Explaining the brand idea, Oktay Kaynarca said they were inspired by William Shakespeare’s quote, “All the world is a stage”.

“Oktay Kaynarca designed by Kiğılı” aims to change menswear trends from scratch with around 3,500 new clothing items. (Courtesy of Kiğılı)

“Since each of us is an actor in life, we have to prepare ourselves as if we were on stage when we go out. What we wear reflects our character. For this, every design has to be special, “he said.

“I am very happy that our brand will have a new impact on the clothing preferences of fashionable men,” he added. “We have created very special pieces for the collection; caps, gloves in leather and wool, specially designed leather and fur products, stylish sportswear designed for weekend comfort and, of course, my indispensable suits, shirts, coats and jackets ”.

Born on gen. 27, 1965 Oktay Kaynarca is best known for his roles in the popular TV series “Kurtlar Vadisi” (“Valley of the Wolves”) and “Bandits Can’t Rule the World”).

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