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North Hardin High School senior Gavin Cusimano is focused on a career in fashion.

When he was younger, Cusimano watched the Miss America and Miss Universe pageants on television with his family and it sparked an interest in fashion.

In school, he has taken the fashion pathway.

“The fashion pathway help build the way for me to shoot for the fashion industry,” he said.

The pathway has helped the 18-year-old, who identifies as LGBT +, see more clearly what he wants to do in his future.

Megan Kinkade said having Cusimano in class has been a pleasure.

“Gavin is a very respectful student who is conscientious about his work and how he relates with his peers,” Kinkade said.

He will graduate with two career pathways, Culinary Arts as well as Fashion and Interior Design.

“Gavin has developed a wide array of skills that make him very employable as well as prepared for a multitude of potential careers,” she said.

Cusimano currently is in his Fashion level III class.

“I can depend on him to come to class very prepared and always be the student that puts a unique flair on the assignment that was given,” she said. “However, as a teacher I need that glitter in everyday life to make me smile.”

If there’s a challenging project she knows she can count on him.

“Gavin is going to make a difference no matter what direction of a career path he chooses,” she said. “I look forward to seeing his name as a designer.”

He’s currently working on his favorite piece so far.

“It is taking inspiration from nature while taking different pieces from different decades and putting them together and making it work,” he said.

He’s been accepted to Parsons School of Fashion in New York City.

“It is a school that is partnering with Teen Vogue and Yellowbrick to help fashion dreams to get their certification in Fashion Business Essentials,” he said. “I am really excited to see what they have in store for me because it is in the top 15 schools for fashion design in the nation.”

He hopes to become a fashion designer.

“I want to make it where my fashion lines make it on famous runways like Paris Fashion Week and make it to major events like The Met Gala,” he said. “I get to take my creation from paper and get to actually make it.”

During the pandemic, he’s had a little extra time to add some natural and natural accents to his designs.

“Being trapped in the house with four other teenagers also got my brain functioning for trendy everyday designs that would fit some of my family member’s personalities,” he said.

His mom is high risk for COVID-19 so he’s been staying safe and masking. He decided that if he has to wear a mask to school every day he would make some that match his style and designs.

Some of his inspiration comes from things like “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and the Met Gala.

“I like to take some inspiration from different eras like 1960’s Dior, 1930’s black dress and the 1920’s flappers, and most recently different types of flowers and blossoms,” he said.

He said his designs are “avant-garde” so the design process can often take a while.

“A small project like an asymmetrical shirt only took roughly two-and-a-half weeks to three weeks, while making an abstract ball gown may take a couple of months,” he said.

In March he will compete in a state fashion construction competition with FCCLA which he said will show off his fashion construction skills.

That’s part of why he’s involved with FCCLA, to explore his passion for fashion and do activities that can help the community.

Cusimano uses his other pathway, culinary arts, to show his emotions and feeling through cooking.

“Gavin is driven and creative and I see great things happening for him in the future,” said Leslie Hall, Youth Services Center Coordinator. “He is also very kind and consider.”

He also managed cross country teams including the North Hardin girls’ team and elementary and middle school teams. He enjoyed bonding with them and getting to know them, he said.

“Working with these kids and watching them improve over those months influences me to get out in the community and help more kids out,” he said.

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