Nina Dobrev & Julianne Hough’s Guide to Achieve Your New Year’s Goals

E !: You’re both so busy. What are some tips for staying on top of your goals for the New Year and everything else you already have going on?
JH: I think it’s about finding achievable goals. I think sometimes we go that far, like ‘I’m going to lose 50 pounds in two months.’ And this is not possible. It’s easier to achieve your goals when you try to do it sustainably. Creating achievable goals is the way to go because you can truly celebrate your victories every day against something that seems impossible to achieve.

Setting goals means connecting to what you want to feel and the emotion you want to feel rather than the real thing you are getting. Many people talk about health and wellness. So, if I want to stay healthy, instead of saying “I want to stay healthy,” ask yourself what feeling you want to feel about being healthy. In particular, you may want to feel energetic or light, or just have less brain fog and feel lucid. I believe that connecting with those feelings you will experience from achieving your goals instead of focusing solely on something you want to do is the big difference in setting and achieving your goals.

ND: Another big problem is surrounding yourself with good people and people you want to be successful with, people who motivate you and people who will push you to make sure you achieve your goals. They say the first five people you are closest to are a reflection of you. And if you surround yourself with people who are unmotivated and lazy, who aren’t goal-oriented, it will be really hard for you to stay on track too. That’s why a big priority for me is dating Julianne.

JH: Proximity is power. Ask yourself “Who do you want to be?” Surround yourself with those people. And of course I’m very lucky to be able to date Nina too.

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