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The Australian released the news of his positive result at Covid-19 on Monday; he says he has no symptoms and “hopefully” hopes to be back at the Australian Open starting January 17th

Last updated: 01/10/22 9:24

Nick Kyrgios hopes to still be able to take part in the home Grand Slam

Nick Kyrgios has retired from the Sydney Tennis Classic after testing positive at Covid-19, but is hoping to take part in the Australian Open “hopefully” anyway.

The Australian was supposed to face the seventh-seeded Italian Fabio Fognini in Sydney, but on Monday he released the news of his positive case through an Instagram Story.

Kyrgios had previously withdrawn from the ATP Melbourne Summer Set tournament last week due to asthma.

“I just want to be open and transparent with everyone, the reason I had to withdraw from Sydney is because I tested positive for COVID,” said Kyrgios.

“Right now I feel healthy with no symptoms. I wish everyone the best and to stay safe where possible. Hopefully, see you all at the Australian Open.”

Kyrgios delights fans when he takes the field in his home Grand Slam, but has not played since late September due to knee problems and has slipped to 114th place in the standings.

In all, the 26-year-old played just 15 games in 2021, winning seven and heading towards the first Grand Slam of the year with no tune-up games behind him.

Nick Kyrgios previously shared his support for Novak Djokovic amid the visa problems of the world's number 1

Nick Kyrgios previously shared his support for Novak Djokovic amid the visa problems of the world’s number 1

Over the past week, Kyrgios has emerged as an unlikely ally for Novak Djokovic as the world number 1 flew to Australia and then went through a lengthy process regarding his visa to enter the country.

The couple had previously shared a difficult relationship, however the 26-year-old Australian expressed his belief that the visa and entry process for Djokovic in the country could have been handled better.

“It’s a bit of a mess with what’s going on, and I just don’t think we’ve done it right,” Kyrgios said on Saturday.

“I hope that everything will be resolved as soon as possible. For the sport we need him here, it’s that simple. He is one of the most influential sportsmen, probably of all time.

Djokovic wins appeal to stay in Australia

Novak Djokovic has won an appeal against the decision to refuse him a visa ahead of the Australian Open.

“If he’s ready to play and allowed to play, I think it’s kind of good for our sport with all this attention because the Australian Open probably won’t have as many views as if he were able to play.

“I’m trying for him now. Like he’s not really human, right, what’s going on? His life is probably hard enough the way it is, and I know how it is. I just hope it all works out soon.”

Djokovic flew to Australia on a “vaccine-free” and arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday, but was ultimately denied entry to the country. The Serb’s visa was one that did not allow medical exemptions and was canceled, after which he was moved to quarantine at the hotel as his team appealed.

After filing an appeal, he was successful with Judge Anthony Kelly overturning the visa cancellation and ordering the Australian government to pay legal fees and release Djokovic from detention on Monday.


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