NFL fined Cole Beasley nearly $100,000 for COVID protocols

Cole Beasley doesn't have to want all of his money

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Cole Beasley, is a man who made a track diss in response to those who thought he should have been vaccinated to help protect himself and those around him as a once in a lifetime pandemic wreaks havoc around the world. This is a man who obviously has little time to adjust to life, during a pandemic, which he finds uncomfortable.

At the end of “Heavy 1s” Beasley says, “If you don’t like me, sue me.” His employer, the NFL, doesn’t have to sue him for being an idiot, they can just fine him. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Beasley has been fined somewhere close to $ 100,000 in total this season for not following the NFL’s COVID protocols.

I, for example, am shocked that a proudly unvaccinated person does not fully adhere to the protocols put in place by their employer. Obviously as an Omicron variant descended on professional sports for the past two weeks, Beasley was one of the athletes who contracted the virus. Did Beasley take this time to reflect on himself and maybe lower the temperature a notch or two on his views on COVID? No he did not. He posted on Instagram that COVID isn’t keeping him out of Buffalo Bills’ week 16 matchup against division rival New England Patriots, instead, it’s the NFL. rules that do not allow him to play.

Yes Cole, this rule the league can really force you to follow. Instead of being negligent by knowingly allowing you to spread an airborne disease to coaches, teammates, opponents, support personnel, security, and other stadium employees, the NFL does not allow you to enter any of its buildings. It’s pretty much the same rule every employer has at this point, because dealing with COVID in any other way could actually get them to sue, as well as unnecessarily cost the lives of more people.

Death, rules, fines and now losing one of his team’s biggest games of the season, and Beasley still refuses to acknowledge the severity of COVID. If he wants to be selfish, it would be reasonable for him to extend that selfishness to his bank account, but instead Beasley has decided to donate nearly six figures to the NFL. All this for what cause?

The cause of free speech? Beasley was not incarcerated either allegedly kidnapped by the government. Freedom of action? Nobody is allowed to do whatever they want in America. It is mandatory for US citizen Beasley to stop at traffic lights, keep their hands to themselves and take reasonable precautions to avoid spreading a highly contagious virus to people who would like to exercise their freedom to live without catching it.

Another sentence at the end of “Heavy 1s” is “shut my mouth and you will have to kill me”. Obviously many of us would like Beasley to shut his mouth, but most importantly, he always puts a mask on his mouth – and nose – so he doesn’t kill anyone.


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