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Last updated: 30/12/21 10:28

Deebo Samuel is part of Hannah's Fantasy Team of the Year, but who else is included?

Deebo Samuel is part of Hannah’s Fantasy Team of the Year, but who else is included?

Sky SportsNFL Fantasy Football guru Hannah Wilkes helps you navigate through the season in her weekly column as she joins her team of the year early this week …

Well, here we are. The end of 2021 and the end of the fantasy football season. Whether you’ve made it to the Super Bowl or playing just out of pride, congratulations on making it this far. It has been arguably the most unpredictable of the NFL seasons recorded, and with Covid still running through the league, there are likely to be more surprises ahead of week 17’s conclusion.

I’m away next week (I hope, travel is a lot of paperwork these days, so I probably overlooked something fundamental) so in addition to the usual Fantasy reflections I went early to my Fantasy Team of the Year. Let’s hope they don’t all go out this week.

In the meantime, keep checking those injury reports and Covid lists, buckle up and go win that championship!

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The image of v. Foggy Playoff

At Sky Sports NFL we are fortunate to receive a massive research package from the smart people at NFL Research every week. As you can imagine, during the last few weeks of the season there is a “Playoff Picture” page included in the package. Never before have I seen it get longer and more complicated as we get closer to the end of the season.

As we head into the penultimate week of the regular season, there are still 24 teams vying for the playoffs and four divisions remain unconquered: AFC North, East and South and NFC West.

Highlights of the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers of week 16 of the 2021 NFL season

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Highlights of the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers of week 16 of the 2021 NFL season

Highlights of the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers of week 16 of the 2021 NFL season

The fate of AFC North rests in the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals, who will take the first division title with a win from 2015. They just need to beat the Kansas City Chiefs who come in hot on an eight-game winning streak and are looking to lock in the No 1 seed in the AFC for that important goodbye week.

Patrick Mahomes vs Joe Burrow (after a day of 525 yards and four TDs last Sunday), with so much at stake for both teams? Put in Tyreek Hill, the return of Travis Kelce, Ja’Marr Chase, Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins and we could be in some kind of fantasy fever dream Sunday night.

Don’t be too nervous for Burrow against the Chiefs’ growing defense – he averages just under 25 points per game and over 330 yards passed over the past month. So there is room for the drop off and he has yet to succeed.

Remember when RB1 made sense?

Ah, the heady September days when CMC and Derrick Henry were a sure recipe for success. To be perfectly honest, I’ve attributed my lack of success in a couple of championships to the chaos of running back we’ve seen this year.

Some unexpected names had big weeks last time out, but many stars are off the Covid lists and back in the fold this weekend (Austin Ekeleker, Dalvin Cook is scheduled to return) so Justin’s RB1 week is unlikely. Jackson repeats itself, and I really wouldn’t trust Rex Burkhead with a Super Bowl up for grabs.

Boston Scott and the Eagles face Washington in week 17

Boston Scott and the Eagles face Washington in week 17

Instead I like it Boston Scott Self Giordano Howard he doesn’t play for the Eagles and uses it to flex if he does. The Eagles love to manage football and the Washington Football Team have a losing defense to put it mildly.

The Detroit lions Room RB has also been quite reliable this season and collides with Seattle allowing the highest number of yards received for running backs. Precious PPR points plus yardage, happy days.

My fantasy team of the season

QB Tom Brady. Not who I would have expected back in September, but fantasy QB3 led one of my teams into the league match through reliable production and leading the league in past yards (at 44, what time is it !?). He also plays the Jets in week 17, so I don’t change now.

RB1 Jonathan Taylor. 1,626 yards, 17 running touchdowns, 342.20 fancy points at the time of writing. Enough said.

RB2 Cordarrelle Patterson. My surprise of the season may be RB8 in general, but it was consistent, fun to watch and is clearly a fantastic human being off the pitch as well.

WR1 Cooper Kupp. Disagreement? Then you are wrong and you are probably drunk.

WR2 Ja’Marr Chase. He wasn’t that powerful in the second half of the season, but I started the Overtime fan club early and am still here for the joy that comes from seeing him alongside Joe Burrow.

IN Mark Andrews. No position caused me more stress in Fantasy this year. I don’t actually have Andrews in any league and I’m jealous of those who do. Some of the catches he made were unreal and he eclipsed Travis Kelce and Georgie Kittle. All meritorious.

Flex Debo Samuel. I mean, it really should be WRRB. Seven running touchdowns plus five on reception for 16 weeks. Sometimes he brought the Niners, and probably your Fantasy squad too.

K Justin Tucker. Very little separates kickers in Fantasy, but the whole leg is going into the hall of fame after scoring a 66-yard field goal, setting an NFL record in the process, through September.

DEF If you are not broadcasting your defense, I FAILED and I have not taught you anything in this space.

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