New York Giants fan appreciation giveaway is literally a soda

Get out of here!
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The Giants have won their fifth consecutive losing season, they will lose the playoffs for the ninth time in 10 years and the most intriguing of them right now is how long Mike Glennon will start quarterback on Jake Fromm. That’s because Daniel Jones, a bankrupt from the moment he was drafted, to no one’s surprise except Big Blue’s front office, may be out for the season with a neck injury.

For many Giants fans, beating the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII and XLVI was enough to last a lifetime, but you still want to have a team that is at least interesting. The Giants aren’t even close to that, being perhaps the most boring team in the entire NFL. At least the Lions have a coach who talks about biting the knees, and they’ve had a draw this season, and they lose games in different and atrocious ways. The Giants go out there every Sunday, lose 10-20 points, come back the following week and do it again.

The Giants management is aware of how hard it has been, and this Sunday they will have Fan Appreciation Day when the Cowboys come to Meadowlands.

How will the Giants show appreciation to those who are still willing to show up to see New York lose to Dallas by 10-20 points?

With a medium soda.

Yes a medium fountain soda.

Not for everyone, though. For “subscriber subscribers” only. They get their average soda barcode scanned by a vendor.

Have you ever ordered a medium drink in a stadium? It’s a cup of ice with maybe six cents of soda. It’s the most useless thing a team can offer as a “thank you” to fans, especially as no one goes to a concession stand to order just their free soda. These are the Giants hoping to get a boost in concession sales on Sunday, while trying to make it look like they’re doing a nice thing.

And since it’s not only a free drink for everyone, but requires a barcode to be scanned, grant lines will take longer as people search their emails to find the barcode, so they have to switch to their app. tap-to-pay or get their physical wallet.

In fact, this may be the coolest thing the Giants can do for their fans. By keeping them in line for soda, people will spend less time watching Giants football. They will appreciate it.


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