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Matching jumpsuits make for the perfect outfit for a complete, yet comfortable look, so you can conquer the day ahead, whether you have a full load of lessons or homework at the Langsam Library.

It’s that time of year again, when we have to hunt down the warm hats and bulky winter coats tucked into the back corner of closets at the end of last winter. There’s nothing wrong with bonding up to face cold temperatures, but the struggle to feel confident and make a fashion statement while wearing layer upon layer can prove to be a challenge.

Below are some clothing trends to try this season on thrilling walks across campus.

Comfortable bucket hats

We’ve all heard of the bucket hat, typically worn with a t-shirt and shorts on a hot summer day to protect your face from the sun with its wide brim. Bucket hats don’t have to be just a summer staple though. They were on the rise again, but this time they were fashioned for winter weather, covered in cozy faux fur.

This type of material is perfect for a snowy day as you run to your next class. These adorable hats come in a variety of colors and prints. From light blue to leopard patterns, faux fur bucket hats seem to complete a look for any fashion statement you’re looking for.

Ideal To Pair With: A winter coat such as a down jacket or one of your favorite sweaters to keep you warm this season. Try this faux fur bucket hat from Asos.

Oversized plush coats

There are various styles of oversized coats to choose from when considering what would look best with your specific style, but in my opinion, an oversized plush coat fits any outfit. Once you try one on, you will see how the coat got its name. They are incredibly soft and comfortable for everyday activities like going out for dinner with friends or taking a trip to the store.

These coats can be made from real fur, but are typically faux fur. As this coat is long and makes a statement on its own, there’s no need to think too much about the rest of the outfit. The bear becomes the focal point of everything.

Best match: blue jeans for a more casual look during the day or black jeans to elevate the look at night. Try this long teddy bear from Misguided.


One of my favorite trends this winter is matching jumpsuits. These are the perfect outfit for looking put together, but at the same time feeling comfortable so you can win the day ahead, whether you have a full load of lessons or homework to do at the Langsam Library.

You can put the outfit together in less than a minute. If I’m in a hurry or can’t decide what to wear, I always choose a solid color jumpsuit. I tend to lean more towards earth tones or neutral colors. However, if I’m feeling a little more spontaneous, I’ll wear a shade of yellow or mauve to add a pop of color to my day.

Optimal match: a pair of bright sneakers and a high ponytail. Try this oversized Boohoo jumpsuit.

Sweater vest

Another popular trend this winter are knitted vests worn with a long sleeve buttoned underneath. This is a fairly easy way to transform a regular long-sleeved shirt into a sophisticated look. There are many vests to choose from, but some popular prints include argyle, houndstooth, and braids.

Optimal Match: A loose blouse under the sweater vest for casual work wear. Try this cable knit vest from Emery Rose.


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