NBC’s Cris Collinsworth sees the very best in Aaron Rodgers

Cris Collinsworth can’t wait to tell you how FUN Aaron Rodgers is!
Photo: AP

Anyone who had to slog during the Sunday night game between the Packers and the Bears probably has a favorite piece of Cris Collinsworth’s oral diarrhea that came out of their jaws when it came to Aaron Rodgers. Maybe yours was the “honest” part. Or the minimization of the “vaccinated / immunized deal” labeling of that smallpox on our society. I could go through them all, but I’m trying to stay crisis free this week. See how it works for me. I will say it is impressive that Collinsworth can continue to speak so heavily while also serving as the bench for Rodgers.

Mine was the comment “Rodgers loves having fun with the media”. I can’t tell you why, he jumped on me. Why was it so obvious, yet so symptomatic of so many problems.

Want to know why Rodgers “has fun” with the media, Cris? Because no one ever asks him uncomfortable questions. Rodgers pulled back into this mess, in a way, when no one bothered to ask him what “immunized” meant in the summer. It wasn’t going to be that hard. Nobody did. The only reason we found out the depth of Rodgers’ shit was that Pat McAfee, not exactly a reporter or anything other than a mobile aerophone, let Rodgers do the talking. I didn’t ask for much. Let Rodgers tie the noose.

No matter what Rodgers says, someone will laugh at his jokes or credit him for having an opinion and expressing it. They will absorb it. All Rodgers sees are smiling faces at his press conference, or nodding heads. Nobody ever bothers to actually follow. His entire exploration of how much he could hold the Packers hostage over the summer just to celebrate himself was the result of no one wondering what exactly his problem was. I’m not even sure yet, other than he wanted to be GM and got injured, the Packers decided to have an insurance plan in case he got old overnight.

I know NBC pays an unholy sum for the Sunday night package. And thanks to that expense, we’ll never hear Al and Cris say anything critical about things that really matter. Fuck, you barely hear anything critical, because apparently we’re all idiots and Matt Nagy is actually a good coach. That’s another thing they were selling last night. The NFL, where apparently no one ever fucked up.

But Rodgers’ opinions / idiocy are not something that should simply be dismissed as “a boy and his thoughts”. I’m not a whim. It is not his personality that comes out and nothing more. Treating all of these anti-vax drugs like the other side of a problem is a huge part of the fucking problem. It is so much more. They are an absolute keystone in the works of society around the world. We can’t get past a virus and pandemic that have killed five million people around the world due to these selfish, evil idiots being appeased and handled just like they’re just a weird cousin you can ignore. So it gets worse and keeps getting worse.

Collinsworth and any football fan can dismiss Rodgers’ chatter as just a talking football dude. But it’s the biggest television stage, isn’t it? Where does all this bullshit start from? Where does it end?

Yes, Collinsworth is a seller. It’s part of a broadcaster’s job to sell you the product in the field. And that means no one is stupid, no one is bad, everything you see is just the best. But when it goes further, it comes to something more sinister.

Rodgers can laugh at everyone who lit his galactic ass after he was found out as a liar and a fucking dead brain because he never sees them in person. They are all voices outside of his sphere, and all those inside simply tell him he’s great or never make him hear difficult questions. It can downgrade criticism to the outer edge. And Collinsworth is as guilty as anyone else. No wonder Rodgers loves him in Wisconsin, as Collinsworth himself said.


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