Nayte Calls Out ‘Bachelorette’ ‘Edit’ in Letter to Michelle

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young ABC / Craig Sjodin

It is not what it seems. After winning bachelorette party season 18, Nayte Olukoya she shared a sweet message to her love Michelle Young – and called the ABC reality show editor.

“Michelle, since September 9, 2021, when I knelt down to ask you to spend the rest of our life together, it has been an absolute dream come true,” the 27-year-old shared via Instagram after Tuesday. , December 21, final aired. “Who would have thought that a reality show could actually work as well as it did for us. Regardless of the editing, we know our true story. “

Much of Bachelor Nation thought Nayte wasn’t ready to commit to 28-year-old Minnesota teacher for the rest of her life, instead cheering for her to take second place Brandon Jones. Her parents also questioned Nayte’s true desire and ability to commit to marriage, but Michelle sent Jones, 27, home. The pink first impression winner proposed her with a Neil Lane engagement ring.

“Thank you for seeing beyond what people have always seemed stuck on when it comes to me,” continued Michelle’s boyfriend in her Instagram post. “All my life people have looked at me and thought they understood everything. Maybe it’s the tattoos and the piercings. Maybe that’s the way I behave. Maybe it’s as foolish as my height or as ignorant as the color of my skin. Maybe it’s how awful I am at expressing myself or how damn embarrassing I am almost always. “

She also called the label “walking red flag” in her letter, noting that Michelle looked beyond what scared others. “Even now, pretty nerds think I’m a walking red flag,” he added. “But you, Michelle, have seen me for me since the first night, and I will love you and always appreciate you for it.”

Nayte Olukoya Calls The Bachelorette Party Edit Michelle Young Knows The True Story 2

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya ABC / Craig Sjodin

The Texan resident told Michelle in the finale that it would “suck” if they broke up, and acknowledged at the time that it wasn’t the most poetic declaration of love. It seems he made up for it with the lengthy message, which was posted alongside several photos of the happy couple celebrating their engagement in the season 18 finale.

“I want you to know that you are all I want,” he continued to write. “I want us to have what your parents have and more. I want to be the best version of myself for myself, for you, for our families and for our future family forever. I am completely and completely in love with you. “

He thanked her for helping him open up and promised to commit before signing the letter: “Love, Nayte – Your 6’8”, Costco Chris Brown, walking red flag.

For her part, even the Midwestern educator, in her letter to her love, has hinted that hen party audiences didn’t see the whole story when it came to Nayte’s emotional growth.

“The way you pushed yourself to be vulnerable, even if it wasn’t for others around us to see,” Michelle wrote in Wednesday, Dec. 22, via Instagram. “I’ve learned that our love story doesn’t need to be perceived as perfect, as long as it’s perfect for you and me.”

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