My 600-lb. Life: Why James’ Walk is “Ruined” By Onlookers

A break to celebrate.

During an exclusive preview of TLC’s My 600 lbs. Life, broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday 22 December, James Bedard reaches a milestone for its recovery. James lives in a fifth floor apartment with no elevator and his weight made it difficult for him to walk down the stairs to get out.

It’s been over a year since James left his home and while most of us can relate to it due to the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, James’s walk in Central Park has special meaning and special fear.

“Since I got back from my last date with Dr. Now, I tried to increase my motivation to do better, “James explains in the clip.” Before I went to Dr. Now, it had been a year and a half or more since I was out of my place. So this helps me think it’s almost normal again. ”

Yet as James and his family enjoy Central Park together, James admits that “the moment usually changes” when he’s out in public.

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