Mums discover clever way to avoid backache while wrapping Christmas presents

Opening presents on Christmas morning is always fun and we spend months searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

Wrapping gifts, however, isn’t that fun. Especially when you have an endless stack to overcome.

Running out of duct tape or cutting the wrapping paper too small are all inevitable problems when wrapping gifts, not to mention the back pain that comes with it.

We’ve already found numerous hacks to wrap all the different products, even the wine bottle, but now we’ve found a new way to minimize back pain during the holiday season.

An experienced mom recently took to Instagram to share her new wrapping technique and all you need is an ironing board!

A new gift wrapping technique will help relieve back pain

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Nicola Lewis, the woman behind the popular The Girl Can Organise account, shared the new hack online after first seeing it on Gogglebox.

She shared a shot of herself sitting comfortably on the sofa with the ironing board set in front of her, creating the perfect packing table.

Nicola’s followers were all impressed with the clever hack, especially when they realized he was watching a holiday movie at the same time!

Nicola captioned the useful post: “Where do you wrap your gifts? The table, on the bed or maybe on the floor ??? Here’s a fabulous trick that will save your back and sanity …

“Get the ironing board, put it next to the sofa, surround yourself with the essentials for the gift wrapping, pour yourself a drink, sit down and start wrapping …

“That’s right! No more stretching or back pain, the only stretching you need to worry about is reaching for that drink.

“Also, here’s a handy trick for keeping wrapping paper rolls tidy … just cut in the middle of a toilet paper roll and place it around the paper. This will prevent the paper from unraveling everywhere and keep it neat and tidy. “

Instagram users flocked to praise the wrapping tip, with one person writing, “#lifechanging. Definitely will this year! Xx”

Another asked: “Why is it better than the dining table? Confused!”, To which Nicola replied: “More space, space to move and relax around while comfortably watching or listening to TV or radio!”

The user was quickly persuaded to adopt the technique and others simply replied, “I love it!”

Another experienced mom pointed out that the ironing board is perfect as you can also adjust the height accordingly!

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