Multiple NFL games postponed due to COVID outbreaks

Baker Mayfield and the Raiders will play on Monday as the NFL is trying to overcome COVID.

Baker Mayfield and the Raiders will play on Monday as the NFL is trying to overcome COVID.
Image: AP

The NFL, despite all its ongoing problems with it costs, horrible additions to the regulation, and comically mean press with the likes of Jon Gruden And Dan Snyder, had one thing to do throughout the 2021 season: they hadn’t had a major COVID outbreak.

There hadn’t been a single superstar who had been forced to miss games due to concerns over COVID. While there have been missteps along the way like Aaron Rodgers who said he was “immunized” And Antonio Brown By forging a vaccination card, all in all, the NFL was doing a great job of keeping COVID in check and keeping the season running smoothly.

Good, Baker Mayfield he got what he asked for! Today, the NFL postponed three games after several teams suffered COVID outbreaks. Browns-Raiders has been postponed to Monday, while the Rams-Seahawks and WFT-Eagles games have been postponed to Tuesday. So with that in mind, I have good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad. It’s always good to get the bad things out of the way first and then soften the blow with the good news. The bad news is we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It’s a miracle that it hasn’t already happened and of course the moment we all start thinking “Maybe we were too paranoid” all of these postponements happen in one of the most pivotal moments of the season. Are five of the six teams I just listed in the middle of their conference playoff hunt and now probably won’t be able to play many of their starters and will have to play the next week off? This is a real tough break.

You would think that players would like to prevent similar situations like this from happening in the future. You would think they would like the protocols to be even stricter to ensure that matches are played on time and no one is put on an irregular playing field when it comes to scheduling. As long as the games are played, the players get paid, the fans can watch, and the owners and the league get that good money for the TV in their pockets. It is a win for everyone involved. However, gamers have a different idea.

Although the NFLPA has kept a strong desire to continue daily testing and maintain current COVID protocols, the disconnect between the union and the players is not a good sign for the rest of the season. This will likely create a rift between the two sides and could lead to several NFL players speaking out against the union and refusing to participate in COVID protocols leading to more games being postponed, possibly even a cancellation. The NFL has made it very clear that it will cancel games and forfeit if a team has an outbreak.

Nobody wants that to happen of course, but it looks like it could be the direction that will lead us.

So what’s the good news? With all these postponements, there are now NFL games scheduled for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We will be playing football most days next week. Will those games be postponed? I hope not. Will we see the best players from each team? Probably not, but at least it’s NFL football. Yes, the pain behind these words is real. It’s sad that the NFL has come to this. there alone they are not good titles more.


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