Multi-talented Malaysian artiste Alvin Chong steps into the fashion spotlight

Man has never considered himself a fashion icon, yet here he is, the latest face of a luxury watchmaker. Alvin Chong, having made a name for himself in the Malaysian entertainment scene, is now taking over the style industry as well.

He was recently named “friend of the brand” for Longines. Starring a series of campaign images, the new role will, of course, showcase his good looks and flawless attire.

“Watches speak to a man’s personality and I think it is essential for men when it comes to official or important events,” Chong points out, when contacted by email.

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He also shares on how a watch can be a suitable accessory to complement his outfits. She sees it as the favorite item when it comes to styling.

“I tend to choose more classic and elegant lines. Like The Longines Master Collection, it is my perfect timepiece that always adapts to any occasion. “

However, Chong, 30, remains reticent about being credited with having a great sense of fashion. He says it’s more the team effort that manages his appearances. Though modest about her influence on fashion, Chong’s Instagram seems to be centered around how she dresses. He frequently publishes OOTD (outfit of the day) shots and features major brands such as Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior and others.

She has also graced the pages of several fashion magazines in Malaysia.

Perhaps it is a certain “reality” that sets him apart from other celebrities. In previous interviews, she talked about dressing the way she wants and not the trends.

He also said that he only chooses comfortable clothes and prefers to be considered a minimalist.

Man of many talents

Although currently best known for his acting, Chong actually began his career as a singer. He took part in the Astro Star Quest reality show in 2012. Only in 2014 did he make the leap to the big screen with the mandarin film 3 brothers.

Two years later, he caught the attention of the Malaysian entertainment scene when he appeared in the popular television series She’s as cute as Honey.

When he starred in Suri Hati Mr. Pilot along with Neelofa and Fattah Amin, he really expanded his fan base. His Instagram followers have been reported to have grown to over 150,000 which cemented his fame in Malaysia. They are now over 1.3 million on the social media platform.

His journey was a steep learning curve to say the least. Chong had to learn to speak fluent Malay by asking his friends for help as he comes from a Chinese-speaking background. His knowledge of the English language was also poor.

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Still, she recorded her first English single in 2017. It was a collaboration product with Isabela Vinzon, a Filipino singer who made a name for herself in The Voice Teens PhilippinesFrom singing to acting and now, modeling (well, more or less), it seems that Chong is able to transition from one industry to another effortlessly.

On the subject of making the most of your time, his advice is to always seize the moment. He even made it a kind of life mantra.

“Time is very precious, it’s the only thing you can’t buy with money. One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that if you want to do something, don’t think and just do it, especially when you know you would regret it if you didn’t, ”concludes Chong.


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