More Bad News for Biden – Bill’s Message of the Day

More bad news for the beleaguered Joe Biden. The Supreme Court shot down his workplace vax mandates, as we predicted. And he doesn’t have the votes to do away with the Senate filibuster rule so his proposed federal takeover of elections is going nowhere as well.

The question now becomes a simple one: will President Biden back away from his radical left agenda and try to solve the many problems he is facing. My take? I don’t think so.

Mr. Biden is far too invested in progressive politics to bail out now. In my opinion, he doesn’t fully understand how bad his administration is and so he’ll continue to live in a bubble, whistling while the country suffers.

Once Covid retreats, Biden may get a short respite but let’s face it, he cannot do the job. Neither can Jill Biden, his advisor.

So, there’s more bad stuff ahead but it’s necessary if the progressive movement is to be crushed. And that may happen next November.

Enjoy the weekend. Check out my discussion with Donald Trump about inflation. New column on Sunday.

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