MLB Network fires Ken Rosenthal for criticizing Rob Manfred, according to reports

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred makes Soviet-era propaganda by firing Ken Rosenthal from the MLB network.
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The problem with work stoppages in sports, and in any place involving a well-known company, is that public relations is part of it. Rob Manfred is, in some ways, the first commissioner to get the majority of the public to support the player squad, as he did during the pandemic when owners and players were trying to figure out what the 2020 season would be like. It seems odd that fans sided with billionaire owners on the workforce in previous business stoppages, but that’s how it worked, mostly, I think, because fans see players every day and rarely if ever owners. Maybe?

Either way, the former commissioners were able to steer clear of all this, until Manfred showed up. It is so unpleasant and poorly presented a weasel is.

he is apparently I’ll do something about it, although with the same whimper, tone-deaf fashion that was all his time as a commissioner. Yesterday, one of baseball’s most renowned journalists, Ken Rosenthal, was fired from the MLB Network. And presumably because Rosenthal took the very tame and logical stance of pointing out how Manfred was ruining the negotiations for the 2020 season.

Now, no one thinks that MLB Network will ever be a bastion of journalistic integrity or brilliance. After all, it is a wing of the league office. It’s their official megaphone. However, having Rosenthal on gave some credibility among fans who might, only might, get some real-world reports. Leaving it to characters like John Heyman, whose backbone is shaped like a question mark given the amount of water it carries for the owners, erases all of that.

This is how Manfred and the owners will try to win any PR battle they come across in this current bloc, fully controlling all outlets they can. Don’t be surprised if this spreads to ESPN, in the best possible way. They have a lot of ground to make up for, as most fans have pinned this block directly to the owners’ greed, and even bothering to negotiate isn’t helping their cause. Too many fans have seen their teams use the luxury tax as a salary cap, or not even try, or withholding players they want to see in minors to gain more control, and any other nefarious means of keeping wages down. Fans simply have too much information these days to believe anything the owners are selling. You can’t denigrate players who make millions when the only thing fans want, for their team to try to win in the best possible way, has gone out the window. Gamers are barely part of that equation, really.

So Manfred is doing his best to check this information and make sure whatever comes out on the MLB Network is coming from a parrot’s mouth. I’m sure all talking points will be posted in every office and break room, just for safety.

Manfred proved to be a small, mean, ignorant and slimy commissioner. He seems intent on cementing that reputation.


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