Mizzou’s Tyler Badie to sit for Tigers swan song in Lockheed Martin Bowl

Tyler Badie will not play for Mizzou against Army.

Tyler Badie will not play for Mizzou against Army.
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It’s no secret that many pétanque games are largely frivolous cash outlets created to squeeze revenue from free work, taking advantage of every moment of eligibility until all that’s left to make money are the nameless jerseys sales that surely they don’t represent the similarities of student athletes (because now you have to pay for it). That’s why I’m not mad at Mizzou’s manager Eli Drinkwitz decision to sit down as star running back Tyler Badie tonight against the army in the Armed Forces Bowl. That said, maybe let the player make that call.

Yes, it is selfish of me to want to see the best players on the pitch even in meaningless bocce matches. However, if they like it, why not? Remember when the real “we” wanted Zion Williamson not to be a part of March Madness? He did not get hurt and gave us some of its most memorable highlights. Hopefully his body hasn’t given up on him, and he’ll still have a long career full of highlights, but think if he’d sat outside and all he’d have left was a handful of Blue Devils regular season games. and Pelicans.

Bowling matches are the closest thing college football players have to a postseason showcase, and there’s nothing wrong with letting them go to fuck if they agree. Once again, though, Drinkwitz’s logic is solid and his heart is in the right place.

“If you truly appreciate your team as if they were your children, sometimes you look at things a little differently”, Drinkwitz he told the Columbia Daily Tribune. “What if something goes wrong and I have to look in the mirror? I couldn’t do it. “

I appreciate a manager who takes care of his player. This could be a situation where he offers himself as the sacrificial lamb for internet trolls and diehard fans to rail against to protect Badie from catching backlash. People who think loyalty to teammates and college replaces caring for themselves, family and future professional careers need to stop acting like they don’t cover themselves in bubble wrap if they have a seven-figure payday looming.

If so, and that’s what Drinkwitz is doing, good shit. If not, and this is the time he chose to take care of his player – something he could have done in multiple places during a 6-6 season – he is a little too protective. Now do you want to listen to your conscience and play the “What if” game?

What if … Badie plays and goes crazy? He probably won’t get the draft, a long run at the tournament will give an NBA perspective, because it’s a match, but it would be nice for Mizzou fans to see the Tigers’ running record holder in action one last time. Also, I’ll say it even if it’s redundant, he wants to play.

At 5 feet-8 and 194 pounds, Badie isn’t the biggest guy, so maybe that’s part of Drinkwitz’s justification. He just took the ball 41 times (for 219 yards) in Mizzou’s defeat to Arkansas, and we all know how much that newly baptized rivalry game means to those fans.

Hey, Drinkwitz, it can’t be more than 40 transports or one DNP. A skinny 25 duffel bags could provide fans and family with a well-deserved swan song and Badie one last chance to shine in black and gold.

In the search I’ve done for a piece extolling my love of bocce games that will come out over the Christmas holidays, there are a plethora of players who have added to their legacy by dancing in their latest appearance as a college football player. I’m not going to give you all the examples – you’ll have to read that article for that – but here’s Saquon Barkley going for 92 yards against Washington in the Fiesta Bowl.

I don’t know if Badie is going to be an NFL superstar like Barkley is (was he?), So a potential appearance against Army might not be as fun as a historical record like Barkley’s run, but it might be for him. He is expected to be an end-of-round pick and this could be his last time in a starring role, as his skill set and structure are better suited for the role of third-row full-back than a starter.

Let’s say she follows the path of an NFL superstar, surpasses her potential, and ends up becoming a crucial outlet for a Patrick Mahomes or QB of that caliber. It would be great to have the highlights of him toasting to the army in the same way it is great to have the highlights of Chris Johnson at the ECU. 408 multipurpose yards and two TDs in a Boise State rollover in Hawaii Bowl 2007.

There is something reverent about a great musician’s college tape. It’s like listening to the demo of a transcendent band or the mixtape of a great rapidly expanding rapper. If you can experience it live, even better.

I wish bigger players wanted to go bowling because it’s fun as hell to see them make D1 athletes look silly. May I be interested in Marshawn Lynch? 194 yards and three touchdowns against BYU at the 2005 Las Vegas Bowl? His Cal Desean Jackson teammate got the two scores in that game, also. To see? Pretty cool, right?

I understand if you’re really good at something, never do it for free – especially if doing it will make you millions of dollars and an injury might prevent it – but don’t lock up a child because he wants to share his gift during this, gifting season.


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