Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson matches up with young Randy Moss, OBJ

Justin Jefferson was electric in his first two seasons in the NFL.

Justin Jefferson was electric in his first two seasons in the NFL.
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Lost in Minnesota looking to kick their fans in the trash again Thursday night as they have done so many times this season – or last – was the performance of Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

His stats – 79 yards, seven tricks, and one touchdown – don’t stand out in a way you hit your piece, but when you look at what he could have done, it may have been the sort of jaw-dropping, prime-time performance that it makes you understand why it is hitting scores that only Randy Moss and Odell Beckham Jr. have achieved in the first two years of their careers.

Yes he dropped one and a couple more hit his fingers but being on the other side of Kirk Cousins ​​steps is like being in the pool with your brother and telling him to take you wrong steps so you can dive take them . Games where Cousins ​​hears this, which happens, have led to big days for Jefferson, which is why he’s hitting 1,250 yards received in each of his first two seasons, and he’s only the third receiver to do it together, you guessed it. it, Moss and Beckham.

I could find more stats, numbers, and receivers to compare that to, but I want to focus on Moss and Beckham because of the overlap in each player’s career and how Jefferson can avoid Moss and OBJ’s blue period – or, for those of you who don’t. they are familiar with Pablo Picasso, their depressing periods with the Raiders and the Browns (not to be confused with Odell’s Big Blue Period).

Jefferson, like Beckham, played at LSU and also has a similar game and frame. Jefferson, like Moss, started his career in Minnesota, is excelling and doesn’t exactly hide his frustration. However, that’s not the feeling those two had. Moss was transcendent the moment he stepped onto the pitch, and Beckham scored more than 1,300 yards in 12 rookie games, 1,450 yards in 15 games in his second season, and that three-fingered Sunday night against Dallas his rookie year.

I don’t know if Jefferson is the kind of guy who went over the top like Moss and Beckham did, but wide receivers have a history of volatility, and Stephon Diggs has already fled Minnesota because of Cousins. I don’t want that to happen with Jefferson, because Vikings fans deserve better, as all fans of cursed or unhappy teams deserve better.

And to be sure, the wideout has heard rumors of a rift between him and his QB because we have seen And heard his reactions to Cousins’ nasty misses, but attributed it to his competitive fire and remained professional when asked about the alleged rift recently (via Heavy.com).

“It’s all about knowing who you really are. Many people in this building know what kind of person they are. So “being a diva” or “wanting too much” isn’t in my character, it’s not who I am. I love to win, I love to compete and I love to be part of this game.

“I don’t worry too much about outside noise. These guys in this [locker] the room knows what’s going on in the throng and the comedies they are called. It’s really all the connection with me and Kirk. At the end of the day, as long as we’re on the same page, then we’re all good. “

Jefferson’s willingness to work with Cousins ​​again is good because not all Digg and DeAndre Hopkins find their Josh Allen or Kyler Murray, respectively, and many times he looks more like Moss in Oakland or Beckham in Cleveland. Even scarier than that thought is that there may not be a second prime like the one Moss had in New England because, as Beckham seems to be, not all bodies last long enough to exploit multiple opportunities.

I hate being so forward-thinking and negative in a piece that celebrates how fucking good Jefferson is, so let me tell you, it’s no wonder the LSU team that he had, Joe Burrow and Ja’marr Chase performed in the national title. . I mean, good God, it’s not just three Pro Bowlers, but maybe three Hall of Fame. If Jefferson had Burrow throwing him like Chase did, this would be the full blown chunk of puff it should be.

Here’s something else emphasizes because it’s not because he’s playing for a 6-7 team that he has his fans sending me, “Here he comes. I’ve seen it hundreds of times ”messages before the last trip to Pittsburgh on Thursday. While they were able to stop the Steelers in the last play of the match from the Vikings 12-yard line, they still got there after they had a 29-0 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Those early Vikings teams with Moss were good, and those early Giants teams with Beckham in New York too, so they got the flowers they deserved. Jefferson had 182 yards and a touchdown of 11 taken in that Lions game. I don’t want to see him frowning for a few seasons on a bench in Jacksonville, or Vikings fans frowning because they stayed with Cousins.

Can we please give this guy some better PR and a good quarterback and coach? Or how about a good quarterback? There must be a Matt Stafford-like trade out there.

A good quarterback is all we really want for big receivers and, less than two years into his career, Jefferson definitely qualifies as a great receiver.


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