Miley Cyrus Has Wardrobe Malfunction At NYE Special

New year, naked me? Miley Cyrus rocked in the new year skillfully handling a wardrobe malfunction during her live new year special when her entire top fell off during her performance.

After celebrating the New Year on his NBC special, Miley’s New Year’s Eve party, the 29-year-old singer began her hit song “Party in the USA” when it became apparent that her silver top was held up by her will and her arms alone.

Miley sang some of the opening lyrics before turning around, dropping her shirt and walking backstage as her band continued to play. During her absence, the band, backing vocals and audience appeared in front of the camera before the “We Can’t Stop” singer reappeared in an oversized red blazer she wore the night before.

“Everyone is definitely looking at me now,” Miley joked, altering the lyrics of her 2009 bop. In between lyrics, she added, “I’m still in most of the clothes I’ve ever worn on stage.”

In an act of camaraderie, the former co-host of the Disney star, Pete Davidson, her nipple revealed later in the show.

“I felt we may have had a little slip on the breasts, so in solidarity, here are my boobs,” the SNL star, 28, said.

“Thanks a lot to everyone, thanks. Tonight’s show was all about being flexible, throwing punches and making the most of even the worst of circumstances. And that resilience shouldn’t end there. Let’s take it with us into the new year, ”Miley thanked the audience as the show ended. “We have all learned to expect the unexpected, and instead of seeing it as a problem, let’s see it as an opportunity. I wish everyone here in Miami and everyone watching from home a happy and healthy 2022. Thank you for making this evening possible. You were really all I needed to throw the ultimate party. “

Miley’s wardrobe incident wasn’t the only hitch of the evening. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current surge in the omicron variant, Billie Joe Armstrong revealed the day before the special that he was not going to Florida to perform as it was recently exhibited, although it tested negative.

“After the holidays, I found out I was exposed to COVID. I tested negative but made the decision not to go to Miami for the New Year party out of caution, “wrote the Green Day member at the time.” Happy New Year and I hope everyone is safe! “

Miley revealed early in the program that all audiences were vaccinated.

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