Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh should return to NFL

Should Jim Harbaugh Escape For The NFL?
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Jim Harbaugh’s tenure in Michigan is over.

There is nothing left for him to do but fall back into the abyss he was in before this season, have his reputation tarnished and his existence mocked.

When you get out of such a hole, you don’t want to fall back in.

That’s why Harbaugh, the eccentric coach, should iron a new pair of khakis, load his wife and children into his station wagon, and head towards the hills.

Run, Harbaugh, run!

Right. Harbaugh should get rid of Ann Arbor as soon as possible

If there’s an NFL head coach job to take – looking at you in Chicago, Las Vegas and Jacksonville – he should take it, the loot that comes with it and shoot his alma mater.

The Tuesday report that the NFL is back on the table for Harbaugh is no surprise. According to a report by The Athletic, which cited both NFL and Michigan sources, Harbaugh may be “tempted” with the option of dropping out of college and returning to the pro ranks.

Someone might think why Harbaugh, 58, should do this? For sure, he ultimately had a season to waste with the Wolverines, who beat Ohio State for the first time in his seven-year term, won the Big Ten title, and reached the College Football Playoffs for the first time. in the history of the school.

This should be a reason to celebrate, go for it.

But don’t forget, in 2020, Michigan had an embarrassing 2-4 record during a season shortened by the pandemic. It was so bad that he had to go through a huge pay cut from $ 8 million per season to $ 4 million to accept a new four-year extension.

At the time, Harbaugh was toxic. Some even thought he was a scammer. The pupils were down on him. No one in the NFL was interested in him, not even the Detroit Lions, who were looking for a head coach at the time.

For sure, Harbaugh’s coaching career – and credibility for that matter – were on the brink.

Somehow, he was able to bounce back in a big way last season. This cannot be denied.

To be sure, Harbaugh’s stock may never be that high again.

That’s why this is the time to make a move, especially with some of the interesting jobs that will be open. There is also an external possibility that the New York Giants may have an opening.

Harbaugh, who played as a quarterback for 14 seasons in the NFL, had his most success in the ranks of professional football coaches. He led the San Francisco 49ers to three consecutive NFC league games, including a lost away game (to his brother John) at the Super Bowl.

There aren’t many coaches out there with that on their resume. He was a proven winner in the NFL. And you get the feeling Harbaugh has some unfinished business in the NFL: winning a Super Bowl.

On the other hand, Harbaugh must know that winning a national championship in college is a million times harder. The SEC is the monster in the room. His Wolverines, number 2 this season, have been scrapped by Georgia. Michigan seemed out of the field, losing 34-11.

This should have given Harbaugh a moment to stop and realize something real: he can’t win at Michigan.

To be honest, no one really can.

Not even Bo Schembechler, the legendary coach. He has NEVER won a national championship and was 5-12 in bowling matches.

Only Lloyd Carr won a mythical national championship in Michigan in 1997. The AP Poll voted for Michigan no. 1. But the Coaches Poll voted Nebraska no. 1. Hence, the two schools shared the title that year.

Given Michigan’s legendary history in college football, that’s hardly impressive.

Sure, Harbaugh could stay there and be loved like Bo. He might even get a statue for NOT winning as Bo.

Michigan fans seem to only care about being relevant and beating Ohio State, and not in that order. They are so used to not winning a national title that they no longer bother them. They are immune.

But those five defeats to the Buckeyes to start Harbaugh’s term hurt, and they had a salty fanbase in Harbaugh.

This can easily turn around again because the state of Ohio isn’t going anywhere. Michigan can be sure Ohio State will be back for that ass next season.

As for Harbaugh, it’s best to get out of Dodge with the rear still intact.


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