Miami Dolphins blowing the chance at the post season in ugly fashion

The Miami Dolphins started the day in the last place of the playoffs with a chance to throw a big game of week 18 to enter, they are failing.

In Tennessee the Dolphins and Titans have entered the second round and, unless another Music City Miracle can take place in Miami’s favor, the Dolphins’ season will effectively end in 30 minutes of play. If there is anything worse than constant rain and cold, it is the attack of the Dolphins and their quarterback.

Miami started well enough, driving down the field but stopping at the 50-yard line. Both teams traded points in their first five combined drives. Then Tua Tagovailoa lost the ball intact and the Titans recovered allowing them to add three points to an already 7-point game.

The Titans had a decent position on the pitch for much of the match and Dolphins punter Michael Palardy was unable to turn the tables. His episode today was not good. Then again, Tua Tagovailoa is playing one of his worst games.

Tagovailoa’s passes were consistently off target, he missed twice and came close to throwing two interceptions. The fact that Miami is only 14 points down is a testament to the defense having spent a lot of time on the pitch.

The Titans are showing the Dolphins that they are not as good as they think they are and the media that have stalked Miami for seven straight wins are smiling at the fact that the Dolphins are not fighting the Titans.

With a win, the Titans will take over AFC South and knock the Dolphins out of the playoff race. Miami still has two quarters to show what they can do and then execute it. Tua has to get out of his head and they have to be consistent on offense. The pun hasn’t made much sense so far, but since Tua faltered, it’s no surprise.

Miami’s season depends on how well Tua turns the tables in the second half and doesn’t look good at this point.

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