Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant gets heckled at home

Where is Ja?
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The internet leaked back into real life as the faceless living and faceless Twitter profiles took human form, came to the FedEx Forum, and told Ja Morant to get back on the injury list during the Grizzlies’ defeat to the Thunder on Monday. If you lost it, Memphis won 10 of 12 against an easy schedule, including a 73-point beating by Oklahoma City itself, with Morant sidelined due to injury.

Morant was shocked after the game, and he vented his frustration to the media.

“Even during the game, I was running down the pitch and I heard some of my fans on the sidelines telling me I had to sit down again,” Morant said. “So, I don’t understand what they wanted to get out of this. I feel this only makes things worse.

“I’m just frustrated. Normally, you’ve all seen it, when someone says something negative about me, it feeds me, “Morant continued.” But, tonight, the fan comments really hurt. I’ll do what I normally do and recover and am very excited for the next match “.

Then, in a now deleted tweet, he seemed to perceive in-person harassment as online harassment and took a break from social media.

“off social media for a while ? anyone who needs me has my # .love is love

I don’t know if an alarm went off in his brainwashed Gen Z mind when he unlocked the phone and he had nothing to touch but the email icon, but whatever happened, the statement of an outage of social media has been deleted and it’s unclear if it’s out of the gist.

He hasn’t been active since Monday replaced his break announcement with “appreciate the real ones,” so maybe he’s taking a break, but it’s not as pretentious a break as someone telling you they’re taking a break. It’s more authentic, like you haven’t announced it and if you push me, I admit it, but I don’t want to announce it because I don’t want people to think I’m better than them. Or it could be like the half of Twitter that just follows people and doesn’t actually tweet anything.

I don’t know, I just want to point out how weird it is that Morant wants a break from scrolling through TikTok, Instagram and Twitter because someone said something bad to him during a game.

When you break it down, it’s all harassment, and maybe he knew he was expecting even worse rhetoric online or he checked his phone between the end of the game and the post-game press conference and found more or less the same thing, but the shit is. pretty fucking out of hand. Kevin Durant lights up 13-year-olds online, and some stupid Memphis fans are so encouraged by the Twitter muscles that they brought their hot renditions to the game.

Morant, averaging 24/7, is having the best season of his career, and the Grizzes are two games ahead of the Clippers for fourth-seeded in the West, so it would be nice if he could enjoy of an advantage at home like the rest of the league. Taking a leave of social media is always a good idea, but society has made sure that even when you do, shitty people behave like internet turds everywhere, a constant reminder that there is a place where that kind of loathsome behavior is. normal.

I’m with you Ja, I wish if I deleted social media from my phone it would be brought back to reality. Anyway happy holidays! (Not for you, troll. Go see your parents and ask them why they don’t love you.)


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