Meghan Markle style: How Duchess’ fashion changed after leaving Royal Family

Meghan Markle had to adhere to certain royal protocols when it came to fashion during her time as a royal senior worker. But when she and Prince Harry left that title and the UK behind, the Duchess of Sussex’s fashion choices and sense of dress changed. Instead of having to stick to or follow guidelines regarding the proper length that a skirt or dress should be, to keep nail polish neutral and be seen in neutral tights when in public, Meghan can now wear exactly what she wants. . As a result, there has been a clear change in her style and one fashion expert describes her as “California rich mom”.

2021 was the first full year that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent as private citizens after making their last public appearance as senior royals in March 2020 in the service of Commonwealth Day.

Over the past 12 months, Meghan and Harry have taken on new roles as media entrepreneurs and producers.

But they are not the only changes made.

Now, without having to follow actual protocol or guidelines, Meghan’s wardrobe has adapted.

The former actress has always been a fan of elegant and minimalist fashion, she also loves monochromatic and tonal dresses, as well as delicate jewelry, usually in layers, and has shown all this in the last year.

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When pregnant with daughter Lilibet, Meghan opted for innovative prints and muted colors.

In May, when Meghan appeared via a pre-recorded video at the Global Citizen Vax Live event, Meghan wore a Caroline Herrera floral shirt dress in red and pale pink.

After pregnancy, while traveling to New York with Prince Harry in September for their first round of solo public engagements, Meghan’s outfits were luxurious.

The Duchess has returned to what she does best in fashion; dress in tone and separate chic.

He kicked things off with an all-dark blue suit compromised by an Emporio Armani coat over a matching turtleneck and pants – a look more suited for a boardroom than Buckingham Palace.

Eloise Moran, fashion writer and author of Lady Di Look Book, recently spoke about the change in Meghan’s fashion during an appearance on the Royally Us podcast.

He said there is a “relief” on Meghan through her trendy look.

“It’s definitely evolved,” added Eloise. “I think we’ve seen her abandon the classic tropes of what it’s like to be in the royal family – maybe having to cover certain things, certain hem lengths.

“So obviously he has this ‘rich mom from California Montecito’ thing when he’s in California.

“But what I loved so much about the trip to New York is that I think he showed this style of succession, which I like to say is ‘tycoon style’, he’s a very young billionaire suit.”

Eloise also said that Meghan “took a cue” from one of Princess Diana’s business-chic looks when she used to visit New York.

The writer continued: “We saw it in the black and brown looks she wore, which was a color palette that Princess Diana was so adopted when she went to New York.

“And in her short dress that she wore to the Global Citizen concert and it was a little white Valentino dress, which featured lots of legs and high heels.

“I think you can see that there is almost a relief in her where you can see that she is much freer in her style,” commented Eloise.

In addition to that, the price of Meghan’s 2021 dresses was £ 58,388, despite her having withdrawn from service.

This is an increase of over £ 14,000 on the 2020 total, despite having appeared in public on fewer occasions.

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