Meet Clayton Echard’s First Impression Rose Recipient Teddi Wright

Clayton Echard met more than 20 women at the season premiere of The bachelor and they all made a lasting first impression.

Wax Jill, who gave Clayton an urn full of his “ashes of his exes”; Kira, the doctor in underwear; And soccer player, the snake whisperer. Those three ladies went above and beyond with their limo rides, but it seems their efforts weren’t enough to grab the prized pink first impression.

“I have a connection with so many of these women,” Clayton told the Bachelor’s camera. “This particular person really stopped me in my footsteps.”

Clayton, as we soon learned, was referring to Teddi Wright, who is a 24-year-old nurse, according to her Bachelor’s biography. She stepped out of the limo in a little black dress with her natural curls on display. “So my name is Teddi,” he said to Clayton during their first meeting, “like a teddy bear. And I heard you are the big teddy … I hope I’ll be your teddy bear soon.”

During his face-to-face meeting with Clayton, Teddi revealed that, of all … Michelle Youngof the contestants, he hoped it would be called the Bachelor – and it was! After this admission, the couple shared a sweet kiss.

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