Maya Vander Opens Up About Her Grief After Stillbirth of Son

E !: How did you talk to your kids about it?

MV: My daughter doesn’t understand why she’s like a year and a half. My son, he doesn’t understand completely. But when she sees my husband and me, when we cry, she says, “Don’t tell me, Mom” ​​and it breaks my heart even more. He didn’t ask me, “Where’s the baby?” because I don’t think he understands. I think once they understand, I would always tell them they had a brother. They will know the story.

E !: What kind of resources did you find in terms of a support system?

MV: I wish I could just be a strong person and blow it all away, but that’s not the case. People know about my pregnancy thanks to the show, so many women contact me. They email me. They share their stories. It helps me to read, and most of all many of them have had a successful birth and a baby after that. This is something I would really like to have: I would really like to have another baby and have a nice and sweet experience at the end.

E !: How have your castmates been there to support you?

MV: They always check on me. They write to me. They do what they can do to support. I think they were all shocked and very, very sad for me, and they just supported me. Very, very sweet. All of them.

E !: What is something you want to share with others?

MV: I just wanted to say that I am very grateful to all our friends and the support system. We have received a lot of love and it is good to know that people care and try to be strong for us. I appreciate any help. For all the women out there experiencing the same thing, it’s not their fault and it’s just for being strong.

(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

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