Matthew Judon jokes that Mac Jones’ fashion choices are ‘a lost cause”

During his rookie season, Mac Jones proved he had enough swagger as a quarterback on the pitch. The New England Patriots quarterback, dressed in his number 10 jersey, looks the part.

Off the pitch it’s a whole other thing. When it comes to his post-match fashion causes, teammate Matthew Judon has a grim outlook for his quarterback.

“It’s a lost cause,” Judon said.

They were all smiles after the Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars pants on Sunday with a score of 50-10. Judon was on the podium, wearing a trendy (and reversible) jacket with some beautiful natural rock formations. Jones, meanwhile, was waiting for his turn on the podium wearing a sensible black T-shirt with the logo of NOBULL, the shoe company he supports.

Judon had been asked many times about Jones’ growth as a player. So this time around he was asked if he could raise the rookie quarterback to his level in terms of post-game fashion.

Judon’s initial reaction: bursting out laughing (You can see it here).

Judon had to be honest, that’s not his quarterback. But as much as the linebacker roasted the rookie fashion, Judon said Mac shouldn’t worry about being anyone other than Mac.

“Mac is a football player and that’s it. He’s a good boy, football player, but drip ain’t him, “Judon said.” Let him do what he does, man. Don’t change the boy. Let him do what he does, man. I’m just glad he’s ours quarterback. He’s out there playing, he’s having a hell of a season and I’m just happy to be out there playing with him. “

After the first games on Sunday, the Patriots have officially won a place for the playoffs. Jones has come a long way as a rookie quarterback to bring New England back to the postseason.

Don’t expect it to start emulating the fashion of its predecessors (Tom Brady and Cam Newton) anytime soon.

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