Matisse Thybulle clamps Stephen Curry in unique fashion

Stephen Curry’s pursuit of the all-time 3-point shot crown was stifled by the Philadelphia 76ers, who beat Curry’s Golden State Warriors by only holding him 3-14 on the shot. The Sixers have kept the Warriors at just 93 points, the first time they have scored less than 95 this season.

Defensive stunt Matisse Thybulle played a major role in slowing Curry down. The Sixers winger blocked two of his shots from over the arc, something no player has ever done before in a match.

Thybulle’s quick reflexes, the ability to avoid screens and long arms allow him to be a total threat on defense. He put his skills to good use as a bench player for Philadelphia, earning the title of All-Defensive Second Team last season.

Tonight’s win was a huge win for the Sixers, who defeated the best team in the NBA behind a dominant performance from Joel Embiid. Philly’s injury-filled season was very unlucky for the title hope. With the commercial market for Ben Simmons in turmoil, the Sixers could devise a trade that puts them in conversation with the best Eastern Conference teams.

Curry is still 10 triples from hitting the record, so tonight’s poor shot hasn’t hampered his pursuit of history. Fortunately for him, he won’t have to face Thybulle again this season (unless Philadelphia relinquishes him), so he should be able to increase his record without serious interference.

Nikola Vucevic, Bulls

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