Maserati’s Fashion-Inspired Ghibli Will Be Highly Limited In America

Last year, Maserati debuted a series of limited edition models based on the Ghibli, the brand’s executive sedan offering. Famed fashion designer Hiroshi Fujiwara turned his attention to the Italian sedan, giving it unique flourishes in keeping with his personal style and branding. At the time, it was unclear whether the American arm of the luxury brand would introduce the Fragment special edition in the United States. But fashion-conscious Maserati buyers can breathe a collective sigh of relief, as a limited amount will be made available to US consumers.

Two looks are available; Operanera and Operabianca. According to the names, the duo is available in black or white and is based on the Modena staging of the Ghibli. The 20-inch Urano wheels painted in matte black emphasize the distinctive design, with a Fragment logo adorning the C-pillar of the luxury sedan. Fragment is Fujiwara’s fashion brand and enjoys great popularity, collaborating with numerous major brands.

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