Martine Rose SS22 and Bottega’s Great Wall takeover: What’s In fashion? 

Photograph Rosie Marks. Image courtesy of Martine Rose

Just two weeks after the start of a new year, and already so much to discuss! After that of last week Ye-dominated news cycle, this week, the baton was passed to one of the hottest brands in fashion, Bottega Veneta, which literally lit up the Great Wall of China for seven days. Yes. The Great Wall of China (yes, we know Fendi did a show there in 2007, but it’s still a big deal). As difficult as it may seem to be overcome, the fashion wheel continues to turn, bringing with it a new series of co-branded releases, including The north face X Gucci And Mulberry X Nicholas Daley – and a whole new collection from one of London’s favorite designers, Martina Rosa. To complete this week’s buffet, we also have a new campaign from Ferragamo And a new spanking Alexander McQueen Bag. Ready napkins, girls! Here’s what’s in fashion.

Gucci and The North Face are back in the mountains

While we all know that collaborations are cool stuff now, it’s nice to see one that’s more than just a flash in the pan, something with a little more longevity than today’s fast-paced news cycle. That’s why we were delighted when we learned that one of the biggest sartorial crossovers of 2021 had been renewed for a second season – yes, that’s right, The North Face x Gucci. Picking up where it left off, the latest encounter between one of fashion’s most beloved luxury brands and the go-to designer for fans of the great outdoors has resulted in a whole new range of ready-to-wear, accessories, suitcases and shoes, all merging the unmistakable codes of the two brands. GG monogram bomber jacket? Check. Trekking boots? Check! A brand new mountain-friendly (well, trek with it at your own risk) version of the iconic 1995 Horsebit bag? Check!! So where can you cop, you’re probably thinking. Well, this needs to be revealed, but keep an eye out for dedicated pop-ups in cities near you, where you can purchase the collection in spaces set up as alpine ice landscapes. Alternatively, if you are in New York, Beijing, Tokyo or Shanghai, a dedicated product selection will also be offered in The North Face stores, while the limited modification will be made available globally on SM

Photography Hugo Comte. Image courtesy of Ferragamo


Photography Hugo Comte. Image courtesy of Ferragamo


Photography Hugo Comte. Image courtesy of Ferragamo

Ferragamo promises a summer of beauty and opportunity

While menswear could arrive in Milan this weekend, Ferragamo is taking us to the Mediterranean! In their new SS22 campaign, produced by artist and director Amalia Ulman and photographed by Hugo Comte, actor and musician Jharrel Jerome (Moonlight, When they see us) lounging on deck chairs, yachts and lawns in a summer haze, along with Amalia and their model friends. With a clear influence on the style are the vacation shots of Hollywood stars of the 60s and 70s, pastel-colored high-waisted shorts, super white dresses, scarves and oversized black sunglasses adorn their sun-kissed bodies. Accessories are the stars of the campaign, though, with woven uppers and chain loafers, boho clogs and a variety of chic leather items. On their escape to the ocean, Ferragamo’s latest garment also debuts, the ultra-soft bucket bag with straps. With a new film also by Amalia, the entire collection is the perfect summer antidote to our current January blues. TG

Bottega Veneta CNY Great Wall 05_5x4.jpg

Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta CNY Great Wall 01 v2_5x4.jpg

Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta takes over the Great Wall

Go big or go home, right? Well, after Bottega Veneta’s latest publicity stunt, it makes no sense to leave the house to try it in the first place. At a time when brands are competing to create the most captivating campaigns to celebrate the year of the tiger, the Milanese house has classified itself in a championship of its own, conquering a section of the real Great Wall of China. Following recent experimental advertising approaches that have seen the brand take over warehouses under the final access to LAX and an outdoor swimming pool in Sydney, the latter example sees the centuries-old defensive wall featuring a giant digital display. In addition to the name of the house, he also wishes the viewers ‘新春 快乐’ – a happy new year – in shades of Bottega green and auspicious mandarin. In addition, the house has also promised a donation for the maintenance of Shanhai Pass, “the Great Wall of China’s easternmost stronghold, historically known as the ‘First step under the sky'”, reads a statement. Strong enough move, if you ask us – good luck to anyone who tries! SM


Image courtesy of Canada Goose

Canada Goose’s new coats keep the planet cold

With the mercury dropping next week, you may want to wrap yourself up in the warm! If you are looking for a new sustainable option, Canada gooseThe HUMANNATURE initiative has you covered. As part of the brand’s contribution to the fight against global warming, “Keeping the Planet Cold and People Warm” and the promise to be carbon neutral by 2025, Canada Goose’s HUMANNATURE capsule offers four new coats made with recycled materials. Undyed to reduce chemical and water use, each coat comes in a natural snow white shade so you can look like Adam Driver in the ski resort of House of Gucci. There are the Ryha and Ryker overcoats, both belted and draped down to the knees to keep you comfortable, and the shorter, high-necked Keifer and Nairo down jackets. Now available on Canada Goose website, the capsule is the brand’s largest collection to date of items made with preferred fibers, i.e. organic fibers and sustainable alternative materials. Additionally, the brand plans to shift to 90% PFM utilization across all of its projects in the coming years. We love to see it! TG

Nicholas Daley and Mulberry make sweet music

In further exciting collaboration news, an accessories capsule co-authored by one of the UK’s most respected heritage brands and one of its most exciting rising stars was launched yesterday: Mulberry x Nicholas Daley. A meeting of two minds obsessed with craftsmanship marks Nicholas’ boldest step into the world of luxury leather accessories. For this, the London-based designer reinvented Mulberry’s iconic Antony satchel, drawing on the jazz, reggae and rock & roll references of the 60s and 70s that have long been felt in his ready-to-wear collections. Music wasn’t just a source of inspiration for the capsule, however, it was a driving force. In addition to the five iterations of the Antony – pictured in navy blue and ocher leather and suede – Nicholas and Mulberry have also created a selection of instrument accessories, including a plectrum case and fringed saxophone strap. They are then brought to life in the capsule’s accompanying film, in which Sons of Kemet Shabaka Hutchings frontman Lianne La Havas performs with members of Tomorrow’s Warriors, a London talent development charity that has promoted the careers of some of the most exciting musicians who have graced the screen over the past three decades. Looking for the fashion of well-being in good faith? Look no further! SM

Carhartt’s new WIP movie takes you to skate scenes around the world

Two years of work, Carhartt WIPINSIDE OUT’s film takes us to the heart of the London, Paris, Milan and Madrid skate scenes through the eyes of their skate-loving team. Running 29 minutes, the film directed by Joaquim Bayle features a plethora of artists associated with the brand such as Rémy Taveira, Ibu Sanyang, Felipe Bartolomé, Matlok Bennett-Jones and Tolia Titaev. Together, they share the intimacy of skating through raw footage of the intricate techniques and tricks they master and the many times they have to get up and try again. Premiere in select cinemas in New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Brussels, Milan, Paris, Berlin, London and Shanghai throughout January, this stunning overview of the world of skate will then be available for viewing online at the end of the month. . TG


Alexander McQueen gave his punk Four Ring bag a new twist

We are a contemporary twist on a timeless classic. Like the iconic He shouted the franchise returns to our screens this week, Alexander McQueen is bringing back one of their core grants. The Four Ring bag – a subtle number in leather with a jeweled punk duster attached to the front – has received a streamlined update, with its once-gothic rings now in elegant gold and silver options and a body that comes in matte shades of black, light brown, white and pink and a variant with a shiny crocodile print. The reinvented look is part of the house’s SS22 collection, which saw Sarah Burton turn to the London climate to find inspiration for a collection of light, sunny and lace dresses and diamond-encrusted blazers, embellished with leather jackets and gladiator boots. The bag is no different, you need a little glam, a little grunge. Wearable over the shoulder, crossbody or as a clutch bag, you can check it out now in Alexander McQueen stores or on line. TG

WATCH 6.jpg

Photography Sharna Osborne. Image courtesy of Martine Rose

WATCH 7.jpg

Photography Sharna Osborne. Image courtesy of Martine Rose

WATCH 10.jpg

Photograph Rosie Marks. Image courtesy of Martine Rose

WATCH 20.png

Photography Sharna Osborne. Image courtesy of Martine Rose

WATCH 31.jpg

Camille Vivier Photography

Martine Rose kicks off the party for SS22

The publications in Martine Rose’s collection invariably offer a lot to discuss. Whether it is to stage a fashion show at a primary school in north Londonl, using a lookbook such as an ode to the camboy, or by enlisting a women’s soccer team that had been unfairly overlooked as time went on, the label offered some of the most touching and conversation starter moments we can remember. For the now nearly launch of the brand’s SS22 collection, the Tottenham-based designer has done so again by enlisting not one, not two, but THREE of the hottest photographers in town to shoot the collection’s lookbook. In a surreal, dark feverish dream of an editorial, inspired by the happy days of raves, Sharna Osborne, Rosie Marks and Camille Vivier shoot a collection that explores the boundaries between reality and artifice, subculture and high kitsch. Trompe l’oeil leather garments are manipulated to resemble denim washes and denim jackets are cut to look ripped. The paint-stained jumpsuits echo the styles worn by the OG gabber heads and the campy phone prints, which recall the iconic ’80s Athena prints, decorate satin pants and shirts. As always with Martine, it’s a playful interplay of contrasts: a brilliant fusion of references and observations that restore her reputation as one of the most empathic designers around. SM

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