Married Couples Who Had Ugly Breakups

Hollywood married couples may have perfect relationships on the outside, but yessometimes the problems behind closed doors have led to rather messy divorces.

Some of these messy divorces end in years-long battles of he-said, she-said, not to mention the legal troubles and careers they suffer from gossip. While Johnny Depp And Amber Heard concluded their divorce in 2017, the drama surrounding their separation and mutual allegations of abuse continue to make headlines. Other celebrities become synonymous with their divorces – Tom Cruiseis divided with Nicole Kidman then Katie Holmes raise your eyebrows again.

From box office favorites to jocks to the former super couple of American pop stars, no one is seemingly immune to heartbreak.

when Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey they got married in October 2002, things looked perfect. The couple had their own reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, and they were two mega-stars: what could have gone wrong? Well, the “With You” singer recounted what led to their separation in her 2018 memoir Open book.

“I wanted my wedding to be perfect. I didn’t care if I looked stupid, but I wanted people to see the fairy tale in Nick. In us, “she wrote about their marriage and the subsequent reality show.” I had Instagram girlfriend syndrome before it became a thing and I wanted the world to see my husband in the best light because I was madly in love with him. “

When it came to putting their romance in front of the camera, Jessica recalled feeling like they became “actors in our lives, playing ourselves”. After trying marriage counseling, the singer explained that it was over. In November 2005, she told Nick she wanted a divorce and later moved her belongings out of their shared home when he wasn’t around. He begged her to stay, but eventually decided to separate.

“I accused him of having wandering eyes and he tore at me, making sure I was causing the problems in our marriage,” added Jessica. Open book. “There was something Nick wanted from me that I no longer had, a void I couldn’t fill, and neither did he.”

These two famous stars aren’t the only ones to have faced similar situations over the course of the year. Two of Brad Pittdivorces were widely publicized while Kim Kardashian married and divorced in less than a year. Some couples – like Hulk Hogan And Linda Hogan – stayed together for over 20 years, and others – like Tommy Lee And Pamela Anderson – they divorced and then rekindled their relationship before ending things forever! Wondering what other major celebrities have faced messy divorces over the years? Scroll through our gallery for a complete list.

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