Maralee Nichols Shares New Photo of Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Son

Courtesy of Maralee Nichols / Instagram; Box courtesy of Tristan Thompson / Instagram

Santa Claus! Maralee Nichols shared another photo of himself and Tristan Thompsonalleged son in honor of Christmas amid their paternity lawsuit.

The fitness model’s newborn son, who she claims was the father of the NBA player, 30, made his Instagram debut in the spring on Saturday, December 25. Nichols posted a sweet shot of her little one wearing a Christmas onesie with “My First Christmas” on the butt.

The child, that Us Weekly confirmed he was born on December 1, he was shown only from behind as he walked away from the camera on a festive red checkered blanket. Nichols simply titled the post with a heart-shaped emoji.

The alleged son of Maralee Nichols and Tristan Thompson makes his Instagram debut over the holidays
Courtesy of Maralee Nichols / Instagram

The former personal trainer first introduced her baby boy to the world on December 17 when she shared a photo of herself holding her baby in front of a Christmas tree. In the shot, which was taken on December 6, the California resident lovingly looked at her newborn while she wore the correspondence. How the Grinch Stole Dr. Seuss’s Christmas pajamas.

At the time, Nichols also released a statement about her and Thompson’s relationship, detailing how they would conceive the baby during their months-long romance, which began in 2020. The couple would see each other on Christmas, New Year’s Eve. and his birthday in March.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers player, on the other hand, was dating Khloé Kardashian, with whom he shares his 3-year-old daughter True, while meeting with Nichols. We confirmed in June that they separated for the second time. Thompson is also the father of 5-year-old son Prince, who he shares with his ex Jordan Craig.

Nichols stated in a statement a We Earlier this month, Thompson told her he “wasn’t having a sexual relationship with anyone else” during their romance. She noted that their relationship – which consisted of meetings in Houston, Boston and North Carolina – was “neither casual sex nor did we have any agreements. Tristan and I communicated daily and talked on the phone. We met several times a month.”

She further stated that after telling the Canadian native in April that she was pregnant, she “paid 100% of my son’s expenses. I did not ask for money from Tristan, nor did I accept any money that was offered to me ”.

While the new mom insisted she tried to keep her pregnancy out of the spotlight as much as possible, news broke in early December that she had filed a paternity lawsuit against Thompson. The actual filing took place in June of this year, with Nichols saying in his statement this month that the professional athlete filed a paternity action in Texas shortly after filing his paternity lawsuit in Los Angeles.

We previously reported that Thompson’s Texas case was closed on December 15, with Nichols confirming the exclusive details two days later.

Despite all the ups and downs of the ongoing California court case with Thompson, Nichols said on December 17 that “she has chosen to embrace being a mother and do the best I can for my son.”

She said she doesn’t want “more media attention, nor do I want a romantic relationship with Tristan.” Instead, Nichols said his “goal is to raise our child in a safe, healthy, loving and private environment.”

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