Madonna treats fans to a quarantine fashion show on Instagram

Strike a pose, there’s nothing you can do.

While the Omicron variant continues to spread around the world, Madonna is doing her part to fight COVID-19 by staying at home and, apparently, by taking care of dressing up.

The Material Girl, 63, shared a slew of stylish snaps on Instagram Tuesday, dressed in various designer outfits ranging from a bright green Bottega Veneta bathrobe ($ 700) paired with a shearling hunter’s hat and Moon Boots ($ 165 ) to a ribbed nude body – with dress paired with futuristic Givenchy wedges ($ 1,095).

Other highlights included a white knit snood and a red and black graphic minidress, which Madonna paired with her signature fishnet stockings.

“If I get stuck in the house, I might as well have some cute fits!” the pop legend titled his fashion show at home.

“You need your closet so badly,” commented one fan, while another added, “Serve them looks like mom!”

Madonna has always been famous for her personal style that goes beyond borders, which has never toned down over the decades. In recent months, the Queen of Pop has shocked fans with a daring lingerie shoot, wore an “F — k You” tiara at her documentary premiere, and paired a bustier with a bridal veil for a VMA afterparty.


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