Luisa Zissman says £15k breast reduction surgery was ‘worse than childbirth’

Luisa Zissman branded her breast reduction surgery as “worse than childbirth” three years after the surgery.

Luisa, 34, good friend of TOWIE’s Samantha Faires, shared a shot of herself in a gorgeous Gucci swimsuit while on vacation in Dubai and discussed the size of her boobs.

She captioned the photo: “I spent £ 15K on a breast reduction, the pain was HELL and look at the size of them!”

Luisa added the hashtag “melonsforlife”.

The former Apprentice star first had breasts enlarged in 2013 after the birth of her daughter Dixie, and is believed to have risen to an E cup at the time.

Luisa Zissman posed for a selfie while on vacation in Dubai

Luisa’s 621,000 Instagram followers were quick to ask questions about the 34-year-old’s reduction and wanted to know more about the pain she went through.

He explained to one person: “[It was] bad! I had 3 children of course. 100 times worse “.

Luisa went on to tell another follower that she ended up in the hospital after the procedure and that her breasts seemed to have “grown back”, making them bigger than she wanted.

The Celebrity Big Brother finalist previously talked about her decision to undergo breast reduction surgery and explained at the time of the surgery in 2018 that she was “sick of looking like a Love Island porn star.”

Luisa got a tit job in 2013 and climbed to an E cup
Luisa got a tit job in 2013 and climbed to an E cup

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Luisa said in a video shared on social media: “I took off my implants. No more big boobs! I was sick of them, I was sick of looking like a Love Island porn star.

“Actually I feel fine, I don’t have a lot of pain, but I was in the hospital since Saturday and I was like out. Now I don’t have the t ** e anymore, they look tiny “.

He continued: “Basically, I didn’t want them that big anymore, so I took them off, got an elevator and put in smaller implants.

Luisa rose to fame with the BBC's The Apprentice
Luisa rose to fame with the BBC’s The Apprentice

“I’m really sick of having huge boobs and clothes that look awful and I’m fed up, I wanted little ones. I think I’ll probably be a cup B / cup C. They look like nothing at the moment and should be bloated, so who knows?

“If you’re thinking of doing a boob job, I would definitely do it after you have kids. Because I really liked mine before having the last two kids and then they kept getting bigger and bigger, so expect to have kids.

Luisa has three children; Dixie, who she shares with her ex-husband Oliver Zissman, and Indigo and Clementine. The father of her younger daughters is her current husband, Andrew Collins.

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