LPBW’s Zach, Tori Roloff Take Kids on Trip After Jackson’s Surgery

Family weekend! Small People Big World stars Zach And Tori Roloff They are apparently taking their children on a trip two weeks after their son Jackson was operated on.

Zach, 31, shared a sweet video of Jackson, 4, in his Instagram Stories on Sunday, December 12. In the short clip, the child was sitting in the window seat of an airplane, looking curiously out the window as they took off.

The father-of-two also shared a short clip of Tori, 30, sitting in another seat next to his daughter, Lilah Ray.

The family, who are also expecting a third child, went through a tough time recently when Jackson underwent surgery to “correct bowed legs,” Tori revealed on Nov. 30 via Instagram. The post featured a photo of the baby sleeping under a blanket, with his plush “bunny friend” by his side.

“This guy still blows us away,” the TLC star wrote in her caption. “He was so brave and confident. He made @ zroloff07 and I so proud as he talked to the doctor and nurses and was taken away with no worries.

Courtesy of Zach Roloff / Instagram

The mother of two then explained how her son’s surgery was “one of the hardest days” she has ever experienced.

“Watching your child in pain is never something a parent wants to face,” wrote Tori. “However, we trust his doctors and our elders that this was the best decision for him.”

Sister in law Audrey Roloff he even congratulated his grandson on his strength. “I love you Jackson,” he wrote in a comment under Tori’s Instagram post. “So brave!”

Just two days later, Zach and Tori took their kids to the Winter Wonderland Portland light show. He gave his followers a look through his Instagram Stories on the 250 light sets that were placed on the Portland International Raceway.

“Such a funny tradition,” the reality TV star titled a story on December 2.

On that day, Tori also applauded her son for his resilience when he shared a video of Jackson using a walker.

“This guy is absolutely killing him. I’m so proud, ”the future mother of three wrote via Instagram Stories.

Tori then explained to the spectators that his son’s operation was the “least invasive” and therefore “easier in all respects on little J”.

“For those who will notice: the surgery was to help straighten the legs over time”. wrote in a video. “So we won’t see the difference for a while, but he’s so resilient and he’s taking everything like a champion.”

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