LPBW’s Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s Son Radley’s Baby Photos

Party of five! Small people, big world pupils Audrey And Jeremy Roloff welcomed baby n. 3, son Radley Knight Roloff, November 8, 2021, and the parents are so in love.

“It’s a boy!!!” the reality mom gushed after announcing Radley’s birth via Instagram. The newborn entered the world at 6:32 am and weighed 9.1 pounds. Audrey revealed that their latest addition was born “en caul,” a rare event in which a baby is still born inside an intact amniotic sac, according to WebMD.

“We are so grateful to God for answering so many specific prayers regarding this labor and delivery,” continued the red-haired beauty. “One word I had prayed for for this birth was ‘harmony’. And it was truly one of the most harmonious experiences. “

Audrey and Jeremy are also the parents of daughter Ember Jean, born in 2017, and they welcomed son Bode James in 2020. The duo are known for giving their children meaningful names and their newborn is no exception.

Radley is a moniker of English origin and means “red lawn”. As for his middle name, Knight is an English origin name that typically means “warrior” but can also refer to a soldier from the Middle Ages, usually of noble descent, according to Babynames.com.

Bode’s name is actually a nod to Audrey’s maiden name, Botti. Just like his previous surname, Bode is pronounced “Bode-y”. His middle name, James, is in honor of Jeremy’s father, Matt Roloff, which shares the same nickname as the middle.

As for Ember, their baby girl was 2 months old before Audrey revealed the special meaning behind her powerful name.

“Embers GLOW: they can light up an entire room, forest or field,” the TLC alum shared via Instagram in November 2017. “Embers are PREVIOUS: in forest fires, they can blow in front of the fire and light fires for miles away (I loved this one because she is our first daughter). “

Campfires are also very important to the young couple, who sat outside by the fire and discussed what they wanted their future to be like.

“We want our little Ember to be a light in the dark, shining in all that it does, lasting and lasting – hard to stop, ALWAYS believing in the DI within it – and when it is powered / ignited by its Creator – able to burn and shine even PI than it could on its own, “continued the proud mom.” Our prayer is that she is PI on fire for God as he keeps blowing fire at her. More and more. “

Now, their family has gotten even bigger with the addition of baby # 1. 3. Keep scrolling to see all of Radley’s baby photos so far!

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