Love Island’s AJ Bunker shares heartbreaking reason she felt need to get cheek filler removed

She became famous on the hit reality show Love Island, and now AJ Bunker has shared part of her journey since leaving the island.

Before joining the show, AJ, 29, decided to get her cheeks stuffed, but has since shared that she regrets doing it.

The former extension technician spoke candidly with OK! about the trolling she received after the show and how angry she was at people commenting on the filler she had had.

“When I first went out there was a huge trolling on my cheek fillers and he looked old and being too old for Love Island and that sort of thing,” the beauty shared with us.

Before joining the show, AJ Bunker, 29, decided to get her cheeks stuffed

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He continued: “I still understand it now, even though I melted it.

“Once someone starts a comment and it all starts, it’s never really going away. When I first went out – I’m not saying I agreed – but I saw the filler was too much, so I saw from where the comments came from.

“I was mad because I was mad at myself for doing it and I knew it didn’t feel right, but then you get trolled, which makes things difficult because I knew it didn’t feel right, but I was also constantly being talked about about it.”

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AJ said he knew her cheek filler “didn’t feel right” on the show

AJ explained to OK! who hadn’t initially noticed the filler until she looked back on the show.

“When I walked in there I didn’t see it. It was when I went out and looked at myself and thought ‘wow.’ I didn’t look like myself, “she shared.

The gorgeous star admitted it was due to the “panic” before the show, and said the short time to get ready gave her the filler.

“You have so little time to go on the show. I did all my auditions without them doing it on my face, so I know they chose me for me and how I looked.

AJ is among a handful of Love Island stars who reversed their cosmetic surgeries after the show
AJ is among a handful of Love Island stars who reversed their cosmetic surgeries after the show

“But I think before you enter you have the pressure to think about what I might be targeted and trolled, and then you try to spot imperfections that probably weren’t even there.”

AJ added: “I think when people look back and people choose it, you think why I did it in the first place too.

“People give in to pressure and I think my advice would be to be happy with yourself and not give in to pressure to look a certain way. Be sure who you are.”

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AJ is among a handful of Love Island stars who reversed their cosmetic surgeries after the show, including Molly-Mae Hague and Olivia Attwood.

After the show, AJ says she is having an “amazing” time, and has gone from one hit to the next and inspires her 102,000 Instagram followers with her trendy clothing choices.

“It’s fun, you go to great events and meet great people,” shared AJ.

AJ admitted he loves life after the mansion
AJ admitted he loves life after the mansion

She added: “It’s tiring although I can’t deny it, and it also has an overwhelming side. What I find difficult is balancing your personal life you had before and your new life.”

The 29-year-old also recently traveled to the charity Caudwell Children to read Grumbalina’s children’s books, in a deed of restitution over the holiday period.

Discussing the experience with us, AJ said, “Honestly it was so rewarding and amazing.

“I was lucky enough to be invited up there to read Grumbalina’s books and I went there for the day and spent some time with the kids. They were so lovely and it was an amazing experience.

“Before Love Island, the only thing I said to my best friend is that if I can help charities and spread awareness, then that’s something I’d like to be able to do.

“I’d like to do more with Caudwell and I’d also like to help animal charities and do whatever it takes to make an impact and spread awareness. I’d really like to focus on that in the new year.”

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