Lily Collins Recalls Her Major Royal Faux Pas While Meeting Princess

However, Lily revealed that she was not scolded for her behavior, which she attributes in part to her adorable blue and white sailor-style outfit and matching white headband, seen in the photo. “I was wearing a cute dress,” she explained, “so who’s going to really punish me there?”

The actress also recalled a second case in which she inadvertently caused another ruckus while playing with Prince Charles. “When I was younger, I was playing with some toys with Prince Charles and I started throwing something at him,” he said, much to James’ surprise. “Like throwing a toy phone in his head.”

The star added that she was only 2 “ish” when the incident happened, jokingly explaining that she seemed to have a “tendency to do bad things like a two-year-old”.

Watch Lily remember real encounters in the video above!

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