Life After Lockup’s Lacey, Shane Christmas Drama: Video

Life after the block stars Lacey And Shane WhitlowThe breakup of the marriage is repeating itself on social media once again. Lacey posted a video of an alleged argument between Shane and his father, which appeared to have taken place when an attempt by Shane to visit their daughter, Summer Rayne, on Christmas Day went horribly wrong.

Even though the night video Lacey posted on Monday, December 27 was dark, her father could be heard yelling “Get out of here” as Shane replied, “I’m leaving,” as he walked away, got into the car and drove off. “Do a royal job before I bust your head,” continued his father, and yelled that the “cops” were on their way.

Lacey disabled comments on the post, but the next day she followed up with another message stating that she wasn’t trying to shame Shane by sharing the footage.

The WEtv star posted on Instagram on December 15 that Shane had been missing for four days, though the following day he said he had been found and claimed he was taken to hospital for “mental incapacity”. Shane did not immediately respond to In contactThe request for comment of the time.

On December 17, Lacey confirmed that the couple had split up in a touching post apparently directed at Shane. “Praying that no matter what dark tunnel you are in, you can see the light that is this beautiful little girl Summer Rayne,” she wrote. “Know that I will always be here even if we are no longer together, and you are still our son’s father and no matter what the public may think or what people say, I know that you are still there somewhere PLEASE just stay SURE and don’t be too stubborn to reach out to us, your real family. “

Shane, for his part, appears to be trying to avoid online drama with his ex-wife. He shared an Instagram Stories quote that said, “Listen to positive people and ignore negative ones. People who doubt, judge and disrespect don’t deserve your time and attention.”

On Tuesday, December 28, Shane posted an Instagram video shot during lunch at a Pizza Hut where he told fans, “I’m grateful for everything I have in my life, guys. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have. all of you supporting me and being on my team through all the struggles I’ve been through… it’s been tough, but I’m very humble now, ”without directly addressing Lacey or posting her video.

Shane and Lacey appeared in the second season of Love after the block, where she came across his picture on a “Meet An Inmate” website and the two began matching before her release, even though she was already engaged to her high school sweetheart, who was also spending time behind bars. Despite the love triangle, Shane and Lacey got married that season and welcomed their daughter, Summer, in November 2020. They were featured in subsequent seasons of the show’s spin-off, Life after the block.

Shane and Lacey didn’t immediately respond to In contactthe request for comment.

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