Las Vegas Raiders defeat L.A. Chargers, ending Bolts’ season extending Steelers’

This guy again?  Great.

This guy again? Great.
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You may feel the collective frustration of every sports fan outside Pittsburgh last night. It was as if we were all punching the sofa at the same time. You could feel it in the wind, a spiritual “THUNK”.

Everyone was cheering for the tie between the Raiders and the Chargers. It would have been unique. Something we have never seen before. It is beneficial. Both the Chargers and the Raiders enter the playoffs, we no longer have to hear Cris Collinsworth talk about Ben Roethlisberger. Valhalla.

But I’ll let you know one thing, and it’s touching because while you’re reading the Bears they have already fired their coach. In my life I have witnessed seven Bears coaches. None of them could manage the clock to save their lives. Timeouts were always thrown as an emergency bug spray when you find a surprise collection of fruit flies by the sink. It was almost as if they couldn’t count. Our latest headphone idiot, Matt Nagy, would simply get rid of his timeouts at the start of each half, before or after his team took a penalty (or both), just to not have to worry about them in the least. of two minutes remaining.

Brandon Staley comes to us. His career as a professional coach began here, as a prized pupil of Vic Fangio. He followed Fangio to Denver, and from there he got the Chargers post. But he’s been here long enough for the brainworms, or their seeds, to implant (I know the worms don’t come from seeds but the eggs look a little too coarse). You can not escape. We get you every time.

By some miracle, and Justin Herbert simply forced his catchers to take the ball by punching it in the chest every round, and through a last marathon drive that somehow required 18 plays, the Chargers had forced extra time after being under. of 15. when a delay of 15 is in itself unique! It must have meant we were getting our tie.

And even more unlikely, both the Raiders and the Chargers had kicked the field goals in extra time. We had our dream scenario. A tie to end the season, the kind of ridiculous charade the NFL deserves, which would see every team get what they want: playoffs.

And the Raiders were happy to just let him … be. On their last trip, time ticked by, they were facing a third less and it seemed like they were happy to let it run out. They were in midfield and a basket would have been difficult. Time passed, it is important to remember it again. One knee, or dive ten feet, and everyone was out, preparing for next week.

And Staley took a break.

Now that time is standing, the Raiders can’t really kneel without losing face or whatever the NFL teams have. So they made a real play on the third down, entered the field of field goal, game over, Chargers season over, our fantasy dead and buried. And that means more football for the Steelers, which nobody really wants because it makes everyone dumber.

Soccer coaches have a bad habit of overthinking it, trying to overdo it with their genius. And since Staley fell into that trap, we’ve all lost. It was within our reach. Maybe it wasn’t the knee party we wanted, or the three meters and a thon cloud of dust we could have hoped to wait for the bare tie. But we still had it.

A stupid timeout. On these margins the seasons of the NFL are decided, because for the most part the teams are the same. This is the way he wants it, but not the way we want it.

-Anyway, here’s Ja Morant who becomes a booster rocket:

Here’s an even better angle:

It doesn’t seem fair. For example, we can see him jumping only with his legs, yet he keeps moving forward. There comes a point where Morant should start to descend again. But he just … doesn’t.

Either way, we can sit here and get pissed off. It’s about distance in skill.


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