Lakers’ Malik Monk posts cryptic tweet, has fans in a tizzy

We don't even know what Malik Monk needs to be released.

We don’t even know what Malik Monk needs to be released.
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Los Angeles Lakers guard Malik Monk is still in health and safety protocol and appears to be a little bored. Monk hasn’t played a game since December 12th. He had reportedly tested the health and safety protocol last Thursday and would only lose one game, but then there was a change in plans. The next day, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Monk traveled with the team to Minnesota for the game against the Timberwolves, but would not be to be able to play. There was still no changes in the state of Monk, and if he misses tonight’s game against Spurs it will be the fifth consecutive game he will be eliminated.

Judging by this tweet he sent out on Wednesday, the insanity is starting to spread. He tweeted “Set me free” with some unpleasant emoji faces.

Monk, the Charlotte Hornets’ all-time number 11 pick in 2017, didn’t provide any clarification for that tweet as speculation in the replies and quote tweets went wild with the idea that he doesn’t want to be a Laker anymore. There are many responses to his tweet saying he’s not that good, the Lakers will be no different without him, criticizing him for signing a veteran minimum contract to play for the Lakers and of course people who don’t like the Lakers. trying to get a raise in fans who believe Monk is talking about still being in protocol.

It’s very likely that Monk has been laughing at the response to his tweet in the past 14 hours, as he got fed up with the fact that he wasn’t allowed to play. He is playing the career record of 23.8 minutes per game for the Lakers, averaging 9.7ppg and shooting from the field with 44.7 percent, the career record. But maybe, just maybe, he saw the Lakers being beaten by the Suns on Tuesday and realized how far his team is from being the best in the league.

The Lakers truly she needed him on the pitch for that game. They held out against the Suns for as long as possible in the second half, but failed to bring the deficit to less than five points. Then they became cold, like the cold outside when Los Angeles has those winter storms. From 3:28 in the third quarter to the rest of the game, the Lakers only scored 20 points. Talen Horton-Tucker missed every single shot he took in the fourth quarter, with the corner three he took so badly that he literally looked cold.

Monk is only shooting 36.1 percent off three of the season, but that would have been better than what most of the Lakers brought to the upcoming Arena Wednesday night. Tucker was 0-8 out of three, Carmelo Anthony was 1-4, Russell Westbrook was 0-2 and Isaiah Thomas – 10-day contract – was 0-6. The defeat to the Suns was the third in a row for the Lakers.

Maybe Monk saw that game and concluded that even when Anthony Davis returns four weeks from his knee injury that this team isn’t good enough, and won’t be able to put together the kind of performance needed to get the kind of contract. that he wants. Maybe that tweet is an ode to 2017-18 Eric Bledsoe.

I doubt it. I highly doubt it. I mean there’s no way he’ll hear it, but there’s no denying the tweet is cryptic and he didn’t do anything to make it clearer.


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