Kim Kardashian Regrets Telling Kanye West Not to Wear MAGA Hat

What a difference a few years make. Kim Kardashian I feared what others thought when then husband Kanye West began to dress in red, Donald Trump-support the “Make America Great Again” hat in 2018. Now, the entrepreneur says she regrets asking the rapper not to wear the MAGA hat during an appearance on Live Saturday night that year.

Kim, 41, told the reporter Bari Weiss in a new interview, “I was very nervous. I didn’t want him to wear the red hat. I’m not really a rule breaker, so my personality would be like, ‘OK, you guys don’t like the red hat? I’ll take it off. ‘ I remember there were other people around and it became something that he wouldn’t keep going because he wanted to be who he is. “

“I’m very neutral, but I was very energetic with him that night and argued with him, like, ‘You have to take that hat off.’ And now looking back, I think, why should he take it off if that’s what he believes in? Why can’t he wear it on TV? Half of the country voted for him [Trump], so clearly, other people like him, “continued the founder of SKIMS. Kim herself then met with Trump in 2018 to discuss criminal justice reform.

Kim said: “I learned a lot from that situation. No matter what, it taught me to be a little more empathetic for people who just want to do what they want to do: free speech! And if you want to wear the hat, put on the hat. I respect the fact that he knew exactly what he believed in and always supported him. “

Kanye, 44, recently addressed the three-year-old MAGA hat issue during a Thanksgiving prayer video, which she shared on Instagram on November 25. “My wife didn’t like me wearing the red hat,” he recounted over the images in the video, adding, “Being a good wife, she just wanted to protect me and our family. I made my family and me a target by not aligning with Hollywood’s political stance, and that was difficult for our marriage. ”Kim filed for divorce from rapper” Stronger “in February 2021, after more than 10 years together. six of them as husband and wife.The former couple shares four young children.

Kim added her thoughts on the culture of cancellation: “If I worried about every last thing someone said and I had to try to change it, then I would never be myself. Anyone wouldn’t be them!” he revealed, adding, “That’s why I think the cancellation of culture is the most ridiculous thing, because I really believe … in rehabilitation and freedom of speech. I’ve never really been interested in the culture of cancellation.”

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