Killing the Vampire – Bill’s Weekly Column

While traveling the world for the “Inside Edition” syndicated reality program, I found myself in the Eastern European country, Romania. The government was trying to create tourism from the infamous fictional vampire Dracula. Bram Stoker’s creation is actually based on a real boy; a ferocious medieval warlord named Vlad Tepes who harassed his neighbors by impaling them. No jokes on Vlad Putin, please.

While driving through the Carpathians, a still primitive but beautiful country, I interviewed a number of people who really believe in vampires. They told me the only way to destroy one is to drive a stake into the creature’s heart.

For some odd reason, that trip to Romania came to mind while watching President Biden’s shocking press conference last week. I’m sure old Joe isn’t among the undead because if he were he’d be much more alert.

Now, that’s why I bring up the vampire thing. The progressive movement is so tied to the Biden presidency that if it falls, so too do the radicals. If the president continues to falter, progressive politics will receive a symbolic stake through the heart.

And that’s the best thing that can come out of Mr. Biden’s mandate.

Here because. Progressives, in general, believe that America is a bad place. So they want to change pretty much everything. Here is a list.

  • Replace capitalism with socialism in which Washington runs the economy and imposes draconian taxes (he had to use that word) on well-to-do societies and citizens.
  • Destroy existing immigration laws and open borders for everyone.
  • It “reimagines” the criminal justice system so that most people who commit crimes are not punished.
  • Change the electoral laws so that even non-citizens can vote and ballot papers are abolished.
  • Establish a “One World” foreign policy in which the United States could not take unilateral action.
  • Ban guns to US citizens.
  • Ban all protections for the unborn.
  • Government-imposed “fairness” institution for minority groups under which they would receive preferential treatment, including reparations for slavery.
  • Institute Critical Race Theory teaches in public schools and abolishes degrees.

There’s more, but those are the headlines. So here’s my question: Shouldn’t the progressive movement get a stake through the heart to end this madness once and for all?

I believe the correct answer is YES!

Again, if Biden and Kamala Harris fall, they are likely to take the radical left with them. Ocasio-Cortez, George Clooney and Bette Midler are worried. CNN and MSNBC, already on the run, would be over.

The stakes are sharpened. And the bad guys know it.

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