Kevin Durant inexplicably roasts child on Twitter

Kevin Durant hit a new low on social media.

Kevin Durant hit a new low on social media.
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Ever since Kevin Durant ditched Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City, he has worn the black hat and played the role of the heel as well as anyone we have seen in recent memory. Sometimes he gets into his feelings and can go a little further, but now Durant has gone to another level of jerk on Twitter, crushing an eighth grade child for simply making a skillful move on the basketball court.

Jayden Moore, 13, of Minnetonka, Minnesota, performed a crazy dribble that made the internet go crazy. Moore dribbled, turned and put the ball behind his back but without dribbling – as he actually carried the ball behind his back instead of putting it on the floor – then kept dribbling again, losing his defender before standing up. three, of course. The move is a little wild. But definitely not legal.

Honestly, the person who should have been called here is the referee 12 feet away, who was looking directly at Moore as he performed the steps of this maneuver. I’m pretty sure there was at least one other referee on the pitch, but neither of them whistled to say hello because it’s a run, double dribble and maybe some other kind of violation as well. In the clip, you can even hear someone say “it’s a journey”. They are not wrong.

Durant went too far, however, in his criticism of Moore, who was in sixth grade when he performed the move described in this video. Believe me, I have the tough love approach, but sometimes you just need to relax. KD could have found the boy and contacted him as long as he’s on Twitter, so he gave him some constructive criticism. I’m sure Jayden would have appreciated something like that and would also have said it after learning about Durant’s response to his video.

“For example, what made him take time out of his day to say something negative instead of encouraging me or telling me what really needs to be done and then texting me privately or something”, Moore said.

Moore apparently took it easy on Durant’s spontaneous roast and kept it moving. Of course, after the Twitterverse came to Moore’s defense, KD opposed this and doubled down on his initial comment. KD told a Twitter user, “it’s about man habits.”

Durant is certainly right here, but there is a time and a place for everything. The same message can be conveyed through a different delivery message. But Durant either doesn’t understand it or just doesn’t care.

That saying about never meeting your heroes has proven accurate here. Jayden didn’t even have to meet KD, or look for him, to feel his wrath. Hopefully, this will serve as motivation for Moore for the rest of his high school career and beyond.

But Durant may have done this guy a favor without even knowing it. All this publicity Moore is getting after Durant publicly slammed him is putting a lot more eyes on him his basketball skills. If he’s good enough, scouts who may not have found this guy will see all of these news and Twitter clips on Moore, and may want to see him play in person. So, if Moore and his parents play well, it could be a blessing in disguise. NIL, this is Jayden Moore. As for Durant, he should purify himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.


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