Kendall Jenner Looks Fashion In Sweatshirt & Jeans- Daily Research Plot

American model Kendall Jenner went to lunch with friends and she was gorgeous as hell. Kendall Jenner was spotted having lunch on Tuesday December 14 in Beverly Hills with friends. The model wore a cozy sweatshirt over her jeans and looked fabulous as she bundled up at Vinny’s Italian restaurant.

Since it was raining in Los Angeles, she covered her head with her hood. Kendall was ready to visit the offices of the luxury fashion brand FRWD.

The founder of 818 Tequila kept it understated in a simple gray hoodie and black jeans, giving herself a warm touch in a black peacoat that she left unbuttoned. She paired her outfit with black boots, sunglasses and a classic large blue bag. After stepping into the shade, she took off her hood and showed off her perfect looking hair. Later in the evening, she made her plans official on Instagram and uploaded the photo of her 818 Tequila and virtual magic show to her story.

Kendall Jenner lunch dress appointment

Hollywood life

Kendall is a person who rocks every outfit she wears. A few days ago, she was spotted wearing a zebra dress on a night out with Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin on November 12th. Plus, she went to her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding wearing a beautiful black dress and she looked gorgeous. She posted photos of the same look on her Instagram story.

The model was seen wearing a black mini skirt and black crop top with it, at a party in Miami for her 818 Tequila at the Goodtime Hotel on December 7 and showed off her bartending skills by serving up good looks. At the event, he made and served many delicious cocktails using his own tequila. Eventually, he gave his approval by taking a sip of his cocktail.

At the same time, the entrepreneur hosted a virtual tequila 818 party with her friends on zoom with her best friend Fai Khadra. The party had a Dan White magic show and also included cocktail making tutorials. Guests were also sent a magical cocktail kit, from the hosts who made the event a success!

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